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Few days back when I asked, in my Insta stories, whether you’d like to know what my favourite toner is, 100% response was YES. And as requested, finally I am spilling the beans on it. My favourite toner since quite some time now is the Tvakh 5% Vitamin C Glow Booster Exfoliating water. I’ll not only share why it is so amazing but also some insider information that I came to know from the skincare experts at Tvakh!😍

Tvakh exfoliating water

Price: It retails for Rs. 575 and we get 200ml product. The expiry is 12 months.

Availability: Tvakh products are available only at Smytten and their website. So limited, I know!

Tvakh exfoliating water
There’s an inner cap

Packaging: The only downside for me is its packaging. Tvakh exfoliating water comes in an opaque white bottle with a cap, no pump no spray or a controlled opening. There is no way you can get the desired amount out of the bottle without spilling. Tvakh really needs to modify the packaging a bit. The inner cap doesn’t fit properly & because of that packaging becomes prone to leakage as well. Not travel-friendly at all.😏

Tvakh exfoliating water
Such a big opening!

Ingredients in Tvakh exfoliating water:

Aqua: Water (as the product is water based).

Ascorbic Acid: Stable form of Vitamin C – reduces skin pigmentation, powerful antioxidant, improves skin health.

Citrus Aurantium (Orange) peel extract: Another source of vitamin C, astringent, has antibacterial properties.

Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice: Aloe vera – skin soothing, repairing properties.

Glycerin: has skin moisturizing properties.

Glycolic Acid: is a form of AHA, amazing exfoliator, fights aging, pigmentation, removes dead cells and enhances skin complexion.

Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract: skin conditioning agent.

Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil: fights acne, has antiseptic properties.

D-Panthenol: is a form of Vitamin B5 – improves skin elasticity.

Sodium Levulinate: preservative and skin conditioner.

Potassium Sorbate: preservative (FDA approved).

Allantoin: Skin soothing and healing properties.

Salicylic Acid: is a form of BHA, actively fights acne and cleanses the pores.

Polysorbate-20: emulsifier and fragrance.

The ingredients list is pretty awesome! Please tell me you aren’t already willing to purchase this!☺️

Texture: The Tvakh exfoliating water has water like consistency which is very slightly milky (I hope you understand) and is very pale yellow in colour. It smells quite citrusy, mixed of lemons and oranges. I love the smell!

Tvakh exfoliating water

Efficacy and usage: I use this as a toner, take a little amount on a cotton pad and sweep all across my face excluding the hollows of eyes. It does sting a bit for few seconds but my skin got used to it pretty quickly. Also, for reference, my skin is used to chemical exfoliation hence I didn’t face any issues but a patch test is highly recommended with such products. You can’t shock your skin!🙄

From skin care experts at Tvakh:

Trust me, it is very (almost next to impossible) to contact them. I feel lucky to have discussed this product with the experts and now sharing the same information with you. According to them, “Tvakh exfoliating water is designed such that it stings. It’s not the ingredients which cause the stinging but the low pH, which makes the efficacy of the product more intense. It not only treats the superficial first dermal layer of the skin but also penetrates deep to treat underlying Melasma. If this product doesn’t sting means it is not working properly! Also, a sunscreen is a must if the exfoliating water is used in AM routine

The glycolic acid is in enough percentage level to get the desired AHA activity (means exfoliation does take place) and you an feel it. I am not allowed to disclose the levels but I am pretty satisfied with them.🤷

Tvakh exfoliating water

My verdict on Tvakh exfoliating water:

There is absolutely no reason to not to love this product! You can feel the product working right from day one. It did help in minimising the texture of my skin & building up of dead skin cells. I’ve even reduced the use of Innisfree wine peeling jelly softener which is the sole product I use for exfoliation. This (in conjunction with my skincare routine) has helped a lot in making my skin clear, fading the spots and keeping those pesky little zits at bay. I was fully prepared in sharing a picture of my much healthy skin after using this but then I had eggs and satyanaash!! 🤦

Tvakh exfoliating water

I have tried to check the pH out of curiosity (used Litmus paper) and found that it is around 2 which is quite acidic. Please do a patch test before directly applying it on your entire face & follow with a sunscreen if used during the daytime. Also, refrain from using any other acids in skincare routine while using the exfoliating water, that will over exfoliate the skin which is not good. I highly recommend this product to everyone. Do let me know your favourite toners and your views on them in the comments below.

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17 thoughts on “My favourite toner | Tvakh exfoliating water | Day 1 | Diwali week

  1. Manisha Kapoor says:

    Very nice review. Peoduct looks promising.
    My fav toner is green tea DIY toner. I’m using green tea as a toner. Its good for my acne.

  2. Anita Singh says:

    Packaging ho hata de to product accha hai, brand ko is per kaam karna chaiye
    Main to abhi toner use nahi kar rahi per bitiya recently VLCC ka toner use kar rahi hai

  3. I have been hearing non-stop good things about Tvakh exfoliating water. My skin is super sensitive so I am worried about using any kind of exfoliating substance but then my nose area gets filled with whiteheads/blackheads and I am back using those abrasive almond I am definitely going to use this one next,maybe it will be the end of my exfoliation woes. Great review 🙂
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