Happily Unmarried Sun Screen Body Lotion | Review

I can do without “any and every” product in my skincare routine BUT a sunscreen. Now that I’ve known the importance of sunscreen in our lives, I can no more afford to skip it. I use Tvakh sunscreen spray  ( ⬅ click for review post) for my face and keep juggling with new products for the body. Intrigued by the quirky name, I came across Happily Unmarried Sunscreen body lotion (No girl should wear shorts without this) on Nykaa and decided to give this a try looking at the claims and characteristics.

Happily Unmarried Sun Screen Body Lotion

You definitely should check their website for some cool quirky stuff!

Price: Rs.450 for 100g product.

Availability: Happily Unmarried products are available on almost all e-commerce websites and on their website.

Happily Unmarried Sun Screen Body Lotion

Ingredients: Please refer to the picture for ingredients. If you need an analysis on them, you can find it here.

Happily Unmarried Sun Screen Body boasts of its characteristics of not blocking Vitamin D3 which other sunscreens tend to do. But what is Vitamin D3 and why is it necessary for our skin?

Vitamin D is very much essential for our body. It is available only via 3 sources: sunlight, diet (very limited) and supplements. Its primary function is to regulate the levels of calcium absorption in the bloodstream. (1) It is very much important for growth and development of bones and teeth & provides resistance to certain diseases. (2)

A regular sunscreen of SPF  30 reduces the skin’s capacity to produce vitamin D by almost 98 percent! (sounds scary!)  (3) Hence comes into picture Chicory root extract. It stimulates the cells to produce vitamin D.

Happily Unmarried Sun Screen Body Lotion
Packaging: Flip top mechanism

Happily Unmarried Sun Screen Body Lotion has a cream-like texture and a strong Jasmine fragrance. The texture is pretty thick but gets absorbed within no time. But but, it leaves a shine post application. Also, I can’t use a body lotion beneath otherwise it tends to feel heavy on the skin. There is no white cast left post use.

My verdict on Happily Unmarried Sun Screen Body Lotion:

I really liked the sunscreen body lotion as it provides good sun protection without suppressing the production of Vitamin D in our body. Though my body skin is dry, it feels a bit heavy when paired with a body lotion. Hence I use just this now sans body lotion. Now here comes the BUT part. There’s no mention of PA rating hence I assume this is not a broad spectrum sunscreen, which I prefer my sunscreens to mandatorily be! I am almost out of my current tube and will be repurchasing another one only in winter. SPF of 30 is fine but I definitely need PA rating especially for summers.

What’s your favourite body sunscreen this summer? Pass on some recommendations to me!

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