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I know, I don’t post on Wednesdays but let’s just assume this post to be a bonus post. As a part of PikReview community, I got the chance to be a part of their collaboration with the brand Seer Secrets & got to try few products (all chosen by me). I picked up those products which seemed unique to me viz. a deodorant cream, a body oil & a face mist. Read on to find out my overall experience with these products.

Seer Secrets

Seer Secrets is a company based on values, ethics, and life of seers, sages and clairvoyants, marks to deliver products based on rare herbs and formulations by ascetics from around the world. Know more here.

Positives: Made in India, cruelty free, dermatologically tested & free of Parabens of Sulphates. The 3 products that I’ve got have a shelf life of 24 months.

Availability: Their products are available at

Packaging: The packaging is quite unique to me. All of their products came in a cardboard cylindrical boxes with all information mentioned clearly on them.

Seer Secrets Silverated Lavender & Geranium Tranquility Facial Mist:

Price: Rs.297 for 100ml.

Seer Secrets

I was never a face mist person and this is the very first mist that I’ve tried. And trust me, I am liking it very much. I use the mist as the first product in my both AM & PM skin care routines (after toning). The ingredient list is pretty amazing. I did an in-depth study of the ingredients as the product applies on the face.

A hydrosol is nothing but floral water i.e. water that remains after steam distillation of flowers.

Lavender hydrosol: freshens the skin & fights acne.

Geranium hydrosol: fights acne, eczema, soothes the skin & has anti aging properties.

Frankincense hydrosol: has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties

Silver hydrosol: repairs damaged skin tissues and beneficial in treating eczema

Glycerine: moisturizing properties

Citric acid: an AHA which has exfoliating properties and fights aging

Vitamin B5: soothes, nourishes & heals the skin

Aloe vera extract: moisturizing, healing and skin soothing properties

Seer Secrets

My verdict: Like already mentioned, I absolutely love this mist. The nozzle sprays the product very finely on to the face because of which a dash of coolness is felt. The mist doesn’t leave any residue or water droplets on the skin. It also gets absorbed very quickly. This is my most favourite product out of the three.

Seer Secrets Benzoin & Gudalur Vanilla Deep Moisture Replenishing  Bath & Shower oil:

Price: Rs.549 for 100ml.

Seer Secrets

Though it is an oil, it has a very thin consistency which gets absorbed into the skin very quickly. The most amazing thing about it is the fragrance! I absolutely love the vanilla fragrance. The body oil has amazing nourishing properties (due to coconut oil, vitamin E and almond seed oil) & healing properties (due to Benzion resin).

Seer Secrets

Seer Secrets

My verdict: Though my facial skin is oily, my body is a Sahara desert. No amount of body lotion stays for more than 3 hours (especially during winters). But this oil keeps my body skin moisturized for the entire day. The only con is that it doesn’t come with an SPF but I don’t mind it at all.

Tip: Always apply body oils right after stepping out of shower, that way they get applied & absorbed easily.

Seer Secrets Lemon Cypress Japanese Mint Active Silver Ion Deodorant Cream:

Price: Rs.324 for 100g.

Seer Secrets

I had never heard of a deo cream before. Hence this was the first product that went into my cart. It is a thick cream which feels heavy when touched. Also, it takes some time to get absorbed into the skin. Also, when sniffed right from the jar, it smells very citrusy and minty. Post application, when it gets mixed with the sweat, the fragrance tones down a bit. It stays for around 2-3 hours after which it fades away. The staying power definitely depends on how much you sweat.

Seer Secrets

Seer Secrets

My verdict: I’ve been using this deo-cream for more than 10 days now. It is a nice change from my regular roll-on. My underarms haven’t reacted to any of the ingredients which is a plus point. Though the fragrance doesn’t last the entire day, it definitely keeps your sweat from smelling awful.

Seer Secrets

All in all, I am quite happy with the brand. Looking forward to trying more products from them, especially the body cleansers. Have you tried their products? What’s your favourite from the lot? Do let me know!

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