Innisfree green tea mineral mist | Review

I was never a mist person! But then this is a statement about the past. Now my skin loves mists. I was really happy with Seer Secrets facial mist but then decided to up the game by adding a korean product as well. My skin loves green tea as an ingredient and hence I decided to try the Innisfree green tea mineral mist. I am not only sharing a review on this product but also mentioning a few reasons to why your skin needs a mist.

Innisfree green tea mineral mist

The Innisfree green tea mineral mist retails for Rs. 750 and we get 150ml product. There’s also a 50ml variant that retails for Rs. 450. It has a shelf life of 36 months. Innisfree products are easily available online and in their stores (in selected cities as of now). I got mine from Nykaa.

The mist comes in a tin bottle with a spray nozzle. The nozzle dispenses such minute particles of the mist that no water droplets are formed on the face. But at the same time, it does give an instant boost of hydration. As claimed by the brand, this can also be used over makeup to get a fresh look instantly. (I’ve never used it that way though)

Innisfree green tea mineral mist

Some precautions/warnings mentioned on the packaging:

  • Not to be stored in places where temperature exceeds 40 degrees.
  • Use from more than 20 cm away from the face.
  • Don’t spray on the same area for more than 3 seconds consecutively.
  • Not to be used around eyes or membranes, also not to be inhaled directly.

Innisfree green tea mineral mist

Innisfree really knows its ingredients game. When they showcase the main ingredient in a product, they really make sure to place it in the top row of the list. Here, Camellia Sinensis leaf extract is the very first ingredient! To know the entire list, visit their website here.

Why is a mist important?

Before makeup: A mist provides an instant boost of hydration. It’s best when used right after applying toner which provides the first layer of hydration to the skin preparing it for the skincare routine. (This is how I use it)

After makeup: The application of makeup products can make the skin dry from within. A fine mist like Innisfree green tea mineral mist can provide that lost hydration without the hassle of removing makeup or touchup.

Innisfree green tea mineral mist

My verdict on Innisfree green tea mineral mist:

My skin loves this product to bits. I love to drench my face in the very fine microparticles of the mist. It preps up my skin and prepares it for my skincare and or makeup routine. It has a faint smell of green tea and is not at all bothersome. In fact, it is refreshing and feels soothing. This hasn’t cause breakouts or irritate my skin. I have used more than half of it and already willing to repurchase. There’s a micro version of the same product and I am eyeing it the next.

Though, a little on the pricier side, I would advise you to try this out yourself to experience the results. I see skincare as an investment hence I don’t mind the price. Also, this bottle will last you good 3 months when used once daily.

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16 thoughts on “Innisfree green tea mineral mist | Review

  1. Aishwarya Krishnammachary says:

    Sounds like a dream <3
    Loved the pic in which you have actually captured the mist spray ! – You are a blogger par excellence !!!

  2. I love face mists, i prefer them over traditional toners… I use avene and vichy thermal water moat of the time..never tried innisfree face miata..this sounds calming…

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