Vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser-Cocoa Radiant | Winter Series

Wish you a very Happy Winter my sweethearts!! 😘😘

Continuing the series, today I am going to make one more addition to it. It is none other than the newest moisturiser in town which is actually a spray! I was super excited, the moment, when I saw its advertisement for the first time on television. I instantly knew I had to try it out & Nykaa was my only destination. 😍

Price: Rs380 for 190ml of product with a shelf life of 36 months.

Variants: As of now, in India, there are two variants available: Deep restore & Cocoa radiant. You can find all the four variants on their US website here.

Packaging: It comes in a spray bottle (obviously!) with a twist & turn cap. You have to twist the cap to open and then twist it back after use. Quite hassle free! Also, I love how the bottle is colour coordinated with the variant. It makes it all the more, ummmm, yummy (I meant convenient). 🤗

Texture: The moisturiser is on a little runnier side. You’ll have to quickly rub it before it starts becoming a mess (meaning starts dripping here and there). Once you start rubbing, it quickly gets absorbed into the skin and the greasiness disappears within seconds. The best part is its smell! 😍 😍 It smells of chocolate and vanilla. The sweet fragrance itself freshens me up in the morning.

Claim check:

Moisturises & absorbs in seconds: Absolutely yes!😍

Restores dry skin: Yes, it leaves your dry skin very soft and supple.😍

Non greasy: The formula is so liquidy that it leaves no greasy effect post application.😍

The verdict: I am super excited about the concept of spray moisturiser as it is new to me and I am super happy that I  actually purchased this. Initially, I was sceptical about its staying power (that too during winter) because of its consistency but after using it, my doubt was cleared. First of all, the fragrance is to die for! 😘😘 Second, it moisturises so well that your skin will become super soft for the rest of the day. Also, there is no greasiness left just like other heavy-intense moisturisers tend to leave post application. I just love my skin after I apply this spray moisturiser, like literally. And I am still smelling it while I am writing down this post! (an honest confession)😅

Scope: There could have been little SPF but I really don’t want to complain 😷 because I love it so much! 😍

Will I recommend this? Absolutely yes and I am going to repurchase it for the rest of my life, probably!

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11 thoughts on “Vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser-Cocoa Radiant | Winter Series

  1. Safi@thebeautyinsideout says:

    I love the normal cocoa moisturizer from vaseline. It smells so nice. I should get this spray one too. Great review 🙂

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