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I am super excited because technically this is going to be my first (review) post on my very own site. It took me almost a month to set this up. Now, that I am done with this, I am back in action! Today’s review post is another addition in Winter Series. I’m reviewing St. D’vence Moisturiser-Winter Edition.

During winters, our skin needs more moisturisation. And look at the irony, my body skin is extremely dry while my facial skin is combination (slightly towards oily side). So I have to pay special attention in selecting my moisturizers. I was absolutely happy with my Vaseline intensive care spray moisturiser-Cocoa Radiant but it got completed in less than a month which broke my heart. While I was searching for another good intense moisturizer online, I came across this brand called St. D’vence. It is absolutely new to me. As the moisturizer was labeled as Winter Series I thought of giving it a try. 🤗

I donot know about the brand, tried searching online but it seems it doesn’t have a website of its own. As mentioned on the packaging, it is formulated and designed in London (UK) and manufactured in India.

Price:  INR299 for 300ml of product with a shelf life of 36 months.

Packaging: It comes in a transparent big-fat bottle with a pump dispenser. I had to struggle for about 5 minutes for the first time to make the pump working. Also, for the texture that this moisturizer has, I don’t think a pump dispenser is ideal for it.

Texture: This moisturizer is quite thick and creamy. It smells amazing which is not going to bother sensitive noses. It blends easily on the skin. Initially, it leaves little greasiness but then that sheen disappears after a while.

Ingredients: It mainly highlights (Pure Australian) Tea tree oil and (French) Shea butter as ingredients. The packaging also mentions that No harmful chemicals are added.

Tea tree oil is an essential oil which has antimicrobial and antifungal properties. It keeps skin devoid of any bacteria and also keeps oiliness at bay. Shea butter nourishes and moisturizes skin, keeps it soft and supple and also has inflammatory properties.


Intensely rehydrates lost moisture: Yes! 😘

Gives nourished and healthy skin: Absolutely! 😘

The verdict: As you can already tell from the pictures, I have finished one-third bottle (even the name has been rubbed off) and I am absolutely loving it. It is perfect for my dry skin and keeps it moisturized for the entire day. My skin has become so soft and supple. There is no greasiness or slimy feeling once the product gets absorbed into the skin. I also love the way the bottle is kept transparent so that a check on how much product is left. To add a little more moisture, I have added few drops of bio-oil in the bottle itself. (There is no harm, right!) I know, lazy me. 😬

Who should try this out? All those having dry skin or moderately oily skin can try this out.

That’s all for the review. Hope you all have a great weekend.

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    Your blog has variety which is the main reason I follow you. Your products are also within reach!

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