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The simplest solution to frizzy unmanageable hair is hair smoothening. It is a chemical process wherein the bonds of the hair are altered and then straightened to achieve smoother and manageable mane experience. But the biggest challenge is to take care of the hair properly post this treatment as this is the place where a majority of people fail; resulting in dry, brittle and even more damaged hair. It’s been 5 months since I got my hair smoothening done and my hair is still in good condition. As requested frequently, I am sharing my hair care routine which I’ve been consistently following ever since.

I was recommended L’oreal Xtenso Care range by the hair expert at the salon for maximizing the effects of hair smoothening. And because the range seemed pretty affordable, I decided to stick to it for some time. The products included shampoo, masque and a serum. Let’s look into these individually.

L’oreal Xtenso Care Shampoo:

L'oreal Xtenso

The shampoo retails for Rs.530 and we get 250ml product. For my mid-length hair, this bottle lasted me almost 2 months. I usually shampoo twice a week. The packaging is pretty basic. It comes with a flip top dispenser which is convenient to use with wet hands in the shower. The shampoo lathers well and cleanses the scalp well. It doesn’t dry my hair or make it brittle.

L'oreal Xtenso

The consistency of L’oreal Xtenso Care shampoo is medium, neither too thick nor runny. A little amount is enough for non-oiled hair. (I was asked not to apply hair oil for the first two months to increase the longevity of the hair smoothening treatment) You’ll definitely need a little more amount for oiled hair.

L'oreal Xtenso

The shampoo does contain SLeS (a milder surfactant). However, it is specifically meant for chemically treated hair as it contains pro-keratin + InCell technology which refrains the treatment to fade quickly and adds shine back to the hair. Also, I didn’t face any excessive hair fall while using this.

L’oreal Xtenso Care Masque:

L'oreal Xtenso

The masque retails for Rs.630 and we get 196gm product. It comes in a tub packaging which lasted me roughly 2 and a half months. The texture of the masque is thick and not at all runny (just the way I like my hair masks to be).

L'oreal Xtenso

Because of the thick texture, the tub package comes very handy. It becomes very easy to scoop out the product when in shower. I apply the masque on damp hair (after removing excess water) post shampoo and try to keep it for 8-10 minutes before rinsing it off. The hair expert at salon had mentioned to keep it for as long as possible, for better results.

L'oreal Xtenso

Loreal Xtenso Care masque really kept my hair soft and the treatment intact. But I did miss the moisturizing effect which I am used to from a hair mask. This masque, though it does what it is supposed to do, doesn’t nourish my hair as much. It didn’t dry out my hair but I missed the extra smoothness. (I hope you get what I am trying to say.)

L’oreal Xtenso Care Serum:

L'oreal Xtenso

The serum retails for Rs.575 and we get 50 ml product. It comes in a glass packaging but is travel-friendly as the cap can be locked to prevent accidentally pumping out the product. I carried it to my recent Malaysia trip and faced no problems at all.

L'oreal Xtenso

The serum is a thick liquid and two pumps are enough for hair of my length. I apply two pumps right after coming out of the shower and two pumps after drying my hair (almost 90% dry) with a hairdryer. This bottle has already lasted me 5 months and there is product for one more month left.

L'oreal Xtenso

Like I have mentioned earlier, the hair mask didn’t nourish enough. Hence, I love slathering serum and my hair absorbed every bit of it. My hair is still holding the treatment very effectively even after 5 months and I give full credit to this serum. It not only nourishes but also adds back the shine and makes my hair more soft and smooth. I usually leave my hair open but still, it doesn’t get tangled much, thanks to this serum. The entire range has a similar fragrance, but the fragrance of serum lingers for quite some time which I adore a lot.

I highly recommend you use only the products recommended by your stylist for at least first 3-4 months to increase the longevity of your hair treatment. Now that my original hair has started growing out and because of the presence of hard water, I have switched to another set of products recently. But I was really satisfied with this set for the entire period of 5 months. If you wish to know how my hair looks like now, visit my Instagram post here.

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