VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel | Review

I have been refraining from using all chemical sunscreens owing to my sensitive skin for a long time. But now I think my skin has stabilized a lot and hence I am able to incorporate both hybrid and chemical sunscreens in my routine. One such product which my skin has been loving off lately is VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel. Read on to know more about it.

VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel

VLCC has launched their new range of sunscreens this year. They range from SPF 20 to 50 and have different variants. I got VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel which has SPF of 30 and PA rating of +++.  The sunscreen retails for Rs.350 and we get 100g product. There is also a smaller variant of 50g which retails for Rs.245.

VLCC products are available in stores as well as online. I got mine from Nykaa.

VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel

The brand boasts of Natural science & having used herbal ingredients. But let me tell you, this is an all chemical sunscreen meaning the UV filters used are chemicals. However, there are a few natural extracts used towards the end of the list. There’s also Niacinamide & Glycerin which attracted my attention and there’s no Oxybenzone ~ a UV filter which is not eco-friendly. Needless to mention, VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel is free from Parabens.

VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel

The texture of VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel is milky gel-like which with a creamy tint. It smells somewhat like Lotus Sunscreen gel and has a similar consistency. The sunscreen gel is very hydrating and doesn’t feel silicone-y.

VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel

The gel applies easily and gets absorbed quickly into the skin. It does impart some shine initially but it gets disappeared in some time. It gives a matte but hydrated finish. There are times when I have just applied this on my face (skipped moisturizer) especially on holidays when I am not going to put any makeup on top of it.

VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel

My verdict on VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel:

I have almost finished half the tube and so far the chemical filters neither have irritated my skin nor caused breakouts. It protects the skin from UV rays and prevents tanning. My travelling time under the sun is hardly 5 minutes and for the rest of the day I stay in my office, hence I don’t reapply this but keep topping with Lakme sunscreen compact. I am not sure about boosting radiance and reducing pigmentation but this definitely imparts a healthy glow. And oil control? Ummm No!

VLCC Radiance Pro Sunscreen Gel is really a good option to consider if you are looking for an affordable  & effective sunscreen in the market that will suit probably all skin types. I am excited to try the other variants in this range. Which one should I pick up next?

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    • Bhumika says:

      You should check out my post on “all you need to know about sun protection” if you would like to know more. It’s there in Related tab. 🙂

    • Bhumika says:

      And hydrating at the same time!! I have used this in very humid climate and yet it sat wonderfully on my face..

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