YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream | Review & Swatch

The entire beauty community went crazy when Shreya Jain announced her collaboration with YBP cosmetics. (including myself! I toh went super crazy!) I really wanted to purchase the entire bundle having all 4 shades but restricted myself to purchasing just one. I purchased this just because I wanted to support Shreya and not because I needed any more lipstick in my already super huge collection. Also, let’s dig into an honest AF review of YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream.

YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream

Price: The lip creams retail for Rs.1200 and we get 18g product. The amount is way more, if not double, than what we usually get with lip creams/lipsticks.

Availability: As of now these are available only on their website here.

YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream

Shades: 4 shades have been released namely The Princess (vibrant pink), The Witch (coralish brow nude), The Mermaid (mauvy plum) & The Goddess (golden). I got the shade The Witch (my love for nude shades is unending).

The shade is a bit lighter than what is displayed in swatches. Had it been a bit deeper it would’ve been perfect but nonetheless, I really love the shade. This is going to suit skin tones till NC 42-43 after which it will wash you out.

YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream
Hand swatch

Packaging: YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream comes in a transparent tube with a plastic silver coated cap. The tube reflects the colour of the product. There is a small opening which dispenses the product in a controlled way. Though the packaging is quite decent, a sponge applicator would’ve made the job of application much easier. (no complaints though!)

YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream

Also, the product smears into the inner side of the cap which I don’t like. Refer to the below picture to understand my concern.

YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream

Pigmentation & feel: YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream is very pigmented. A very tiny dot is needed for one-time application. The coverage can be intensified or sheered out as per our needs. The lip cream applies to a velvet matte finish which takes a while to dry down (about 30-40 minutes or even more). Also, as the day passed by, the finish tends to feel drier.

YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream
Freshly applied

My verdict on YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream:

I have mixed feelings about this product. I really like the texture of these, very creamy and comfortable. But then the application is very tricky for me. I am not comfortable with applying lip creams with my fingers. That way I cannot create precisely lined lips. Also, the dabbing motion doesn’t provide an even application for me, I have to use swiping motions to get an even application. It stays for hardly 3 hours and fades in a very unpleasant way. Refer to below pics which have been taken on different days. Also, the lip cream settles towards the inner side of the lips (that ugly looking line is evident in the pics).

For me, the lip cream doesn’t work when applied by itself. But when I top it over a lip liner, the staying power increases and the inner line is also not that prominent. I also dab a little of this over any lipstick to alter the shade and get my own customized colour. It works great that way!

I know my review is a bit different from what you might have read till now, but I’ve been honest. Supporting Shreya is one thing but that doesn’t mean I have to compulsorily like whatever she launches. I will still get my hands on her future launches (if any) but will not be repurchasing more shades from this range. Also, I will update how this lip cream fares as a blush and eyeshadow in my future Instagram posts.

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15 thoughts on “YBP Shreya Jain Color Cream | Review & Swatch

  1. Aarti Joshi says:

    Wow! Nobody mentioned about the problems faced with this launch. You are brutally honest with ur review and that is why I trust them.

  2. Fairly honest review babe.. Although on me it doesn’t end up looking like this..I mean it fades off pretty evenly.
    I am excited to read what you have to say when you try it on your eyes 😛 😛

  3. T says:

    100 for honesty! Pretty cheap looking package for a product that costs 1200 bucks. Did you try it on the cheeks though?

  4. This is gorgeous! I love hoe cheer it is, but a little bit of a bummer it has such a dry finish. Maybe use over or with aquaphor or vaseline to sheer it out more?

  5. great honest review… I am not in india right now but i was excited about the launch and when i saw the packaging i felt the same concern that how would i apply it…atleast good old lakme lipgloss kinda packaging would also do better for appliation… it is unpleasant to see the patchy lines after some time.. i was hoping it to be way better after seeing every one is raving about these..

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