Innisfree Green Barley bubble cleanser | Review

I am always on a hunt for a perfect cleanser for my skin because of which I always keep on trying different ones. Sometimes I do find one but then either the weather changes or my skin’s demand! Hence sticking to one cleanser becomes a bit of an issue. Since quite some time now I’ve developed a huge interest and liking for korean skincare hence I was looking for a cleanser from a Korean band. I bought Innisfree Green Barley bubble cleanser back in January and (finally) sharing my thoughts on it today!

Innisfree Green Barley bubble cleanser

Price: Rs.750 for 150ml product. This is a very good deal!

Availability: Innisfree products are available at Nykaa and Amazon. They also have stores in selected cities across India.

Innisfree Green Barley bubble cleanser

Texture: It is a bubble cleanser which is quite unique because most cleansers are either gel based or cream based. The pump dispenses a dollop of foam when pressed which needs to be applied to the face. It lathers furthermore upon rubbing and coming in contact with water. I don’t take it near my eyes though. (why? continue reading to know!)

Innisfree Green Barley bubble cleanser
Pump dispenser

Ingredients in Innisfree Green Barley bubble cleanser:

Water, Lauric Acid, Glycerin, Myristic Acid, Sorbitol, Peg-8, Potassium Hydroxide, Peg-75, Saccharomyces/Barley Seed Ferment Filtrate, Hordeum Vulgare Seed Extract, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract, Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract, Orchid Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Camellia Japonica Leaf Extract, Potassium Cocoyl Glycinate, Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit Extract, Alcohol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Peg-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Propanediol, Disodium Edta, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance.

The ingredients list is nice. There is no SLS/SLeS, instead, there are many skin conditioning agents along with Glycerin amongst the topmost ingredients in the list. Barley has Azelaic acid which has inflammatory properties that fights acne and clogged pores. Fermented barley also enhances skin hydration. It also has natural AHAs (as claimed by Innisfree) that mildly exfoliates the skin.

Innisfree Green Barley bubble cleanser
The bottle is big, for sure!

My verdict on Innisfree Green Barley bubble cleanser:

I was really enjoying this cleanser as it deep cleanses my skin and has a different texture. It didn’t irritate my skin or cause acne. My skin didn’t feel very dry post wash and I also felt mild exfoliation. But then one fine day I decided to test the pH level and was shocked to see the litmus paper turn green! Which clearly shows that this cleanser has a pH of a minimum 8 (if not more) which is not at all good for acid mantle (natural sebum layer of the skin). Our skin is slightly acidic in nature and using products with high pH will only disrupt the protective barriers of the skin, causing harm in the long run.

Innisfree Green Barley bubble cleanser
pH of 8 or above!

Usually, high pH products will make your skin really dry but this didn’t. Maybe because of which I was unable to judge the pH. But now that I know, I use Innisfree Green Barley bubble cleanser 2-3 times a week. And once I finish the bottle, I am not going to repurchase this! High pH products really scare me out. (the fear is real)

Do you want me to write more in detail about pH level of skin and acid mantle? Do let me know. I hope you liked my post and if you did, do hit the follow button. Show some love to my blog lovelies by liking, sharing and commenting your views/thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “Innisfree Green Barley bubble cleanser | Review

  1. PK says:

    Hello Bhumika, thanks for this review. I was eyeing this cleanser for some time but I’ll probably not buy it anymore.

    Also, would love to read a post on the pH level of skin, acid mantle and why high pH products scare you. 😊

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