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Acne is bad, I know, but what is worse are the marks that it leaves behind which take forever to lighten! I’ve suffered from pigmented skin for almost all of my life (perks of having acne-prone skin).🤷 I’ve tried many effective tested methods to get rid of those dark spots but nothing gave me visible results quickly. I am so glad that I was recommended this remedy by a chemist and today I am going to share the secret with you all. I still don’t understand why people are talking about this? Without building more suspense, let’s find out what treats pigmentation effectively and quickly! 😍


Secret revealed: The remedy that I am talking about is Tamanu oil. I’ve been using it for almost 8 months now and my skin has never thanked me enough!

What is Tamanu oil?

  • Tamanu oil comes from the fruit of Tamanu tree which grows in tropical climates of Pacific region.
  • It is available on (I’ve never found it in local pharmacies)
  • It has a comedogenic rating of 2 meaning it is less likely to break you out.
  • The consistency is medium, neither too thick nor too runny, and is lightweight.
  • Pure Tamanu oil will be green in colour and has a kind of pungent fragrance to it.



  • Fights all kinds of pigmentation ~ be it due to acne, sun-spots, aging spots, marks due to rashes, etc.
  • Helps in healing wounds and accelerates cell growth.
  • Has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It also fights aging, specifically caused by over sun exposure.


  1. Tamanu oil can be used as a spot treatment by applying the oil directly to the problematic areas.
  2. Or, to reap more benefits, I prefer mixing just one drop with a gel-based product (Tvakh night cream gel, aloe vera gel, bamboo gel) and apply it to my entire face. It doesn’t feel heavy at all when used in said quantity and provides good hydration as well. I always top it up with a moisturizer though.



To be very frank and honest here, I am someone who breaks out very easily (eggs, excessive sugar, periods, clogged pores due to new skincare products are a few reasons, to begin with). All I am left with are acne marks. I had started using this oil with zero expectations because I had heard no one mentioning this before. But to my surprise, I started seeing visible changes in pigmentation within a week! Those stubborn marks which were with me for months faded within few weeks and my skin became like one I had always wished for. Trust me! 😍

My verdict:

I still breakout, I still get marks but now I know what to do to fade that stubborn pigmentation. And now that I know the secret, I found out that many people are aware of this oil and recommending but somehow the word is not reaching out to everyone out there. So I request you to please try it out for yourself and if this works for you, please don’t forget to share it with your friends/family/acquaintances if they are suffering from pigmentation. Make sure you get a pure form of the oil or else you might not get the desired results.


The brand is Deve Herbs. I got mine from here

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15 thoughts on “Treat pigmentation | One remedy | Affordable | Visible results

    • I’m going to try this Tanana cold pressed oil from Amazon. I’m 57 and had wonderfull skin with little breakouts but in my 40’s I started getting blotches of dark spots, uneven skin tone and my skin just looks dull. I love your blog and I’m so glad I follow you. Thanks

  1. Hey bhumika.. I picked this one up from deve herbs on your recommendation. However I found this to be almost colourless and from what I read on the net.. pure tamanu oil should be yellow to dark green in color. Having said that I’m still gonna try and finish this bottle and hope it’s not all for nothing

    • Bhumika says:

      Did u get the same brand? And pure tamanu oil will be greenish in colour like I’ve already mentioned and displayed on my blog. That is why I’ve shared all details to identify a pure tamanu oil as there are many adulterated ones in the market.

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