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Almost prepared for Diwali but woke up with a pimple on your face just two days before? Don’t worry! I am here with a product which works in a very little time to treat acne, that too very effectively. Read the post to know more about my latest discovery:  Pond’s Pimple clear  Expert clearing Gel.

treat acne

Price: Rs.99 for 18ml product. It has an expiry of 2 years.

Availability: This is available easily in pharmacies, local stores and online. (Nykaa showcases this as a facewash, don’t know why!)

treat acne

Ingredients: Focusing on the actives, this product claims of Thymo-T essence which is a combo of Thymol & Terpineol. Both of these work at deep pore levels and keep working unless all bacteria that cause pimples are destroyed. This not only cures acne very quickly but also prevents further breakouts.

Other ingredients worth a mention are glycerin, niacinamide & salicylic acid.

treat acne

Application: Though it is recommended to be used all over the face both during days and at nights, I use it only as an overnight spot treatment. When applied during the daytime, use of a sunscreen is recommended. I apply the gel over all breakouts at night, be it a zit or cystic acne.

treat acne

Packaging: It comes in a white tube with a small nozzle-like opening which makes it very convenient to get the desired amount of gel. Also, the small size of the tube with a fitting cap makes it quite travel-friendly.

treat acne

Texture: Pond’s Pimple clear gel is a lightweight gel formula. It has a mild fragrance which is not bothersome. There is absolutely no itching or stinging effect upon its application. Also, it doesn’t dry out the skin like other spot treatments for acne, which makes it all the more comfortable to use.

treat acne

My verdict on Pond’s Pimple clear  Expert clearing Gel:

I seriously don’t know where to begin! I didn’t have many hopes when I first got the product but right after ONE night of its use, I was smitten by the results. The smaller zits disappeared in just one night! Can you even believe that? (I still can’t, lol) Also, it brings those painful cystic acne to the surface within a matter of few days which otherwise take almost a month (for me). Recently I broke out badly and got cystic acne (3-4 days back) due to consumption of eggs but those are already drying up, all thanks to this amazing gel. The best part is, this doesn’t dry the skin a bit, unlike salicylic acid, which I have become a great fan of. I still use my Saslic facewash twice weekly to deep clean my pores but I use this gel every single night.

I highly highly recommend this gel to everyone, irrespective of their age, sex or skin type. If you get a pimple on your face then you are eligible to use this!😜 I wish someone had recommended this product to me earlier, but nonetheless, better late than never. If you use this and feel it as effective as I did, don’t forget to share the happiness with me!

For reference, I have oily dehydrated acne-prone sensitive skin.

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