Plum Green Tea alcohol-free toner | Review

Since the time I have become consistent in my skincare routine, toners have become a very important part of my life. There’s not a single day wherein I’ve not used toners. With so many variants available in the market, choosing the right one for your skin becomes a bit of a task. Recently, I’ve been preferring toners with exfoliating properties because I have ditched physical scrubs (for my own good) and incorporated chemical peels in my routine. One of my interesting finds is Plum Green Tea alcohol-free toner. I’ll be telling you why this is a nice consideration in your skin care routine.

Plum Green Tea alcohol-free toner

Price: Rs. 380 for 200ml. It has a shelf life of 24 months and needs to be finished in 6 months after opening the bottle.

Availability: Available online at all e-commerce sites and also at selected stores.

Website direct link: Here

Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Glycerin, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Glycolic acid, Ethylhexylglycerin, FDA Approved Colours, Fragrance

Just 8 ingredients! That’s pretty impressive.

I was so excited to see  Glycolic acid in the ingredients list because AHA is very good for the skin. Hence, I mailed the brand to know the percentage of Glycolic acid in the formula. But they said it can’t be shared as the information is confidential. So, I tried to figure out the percentage myself.

 Plum Green Tea alcohol-free toner

If you are not interested in decoding skin care ingredients, please skip reading below paragraph. (I won’t mind!)

Usually Glycolic acid is effective at a minimum of 5% (usually 8-10%) but now there are products in the market for as high as 25% Glycolic acid. Also, the ingredients list are supposed to be mentioned in descending order of their predominance (#). Hence, concentration wise also the procedure remains the same. In the ingredient list here Glycolic acid comes after Phenoxyethanol, whereas Phenoxyethanol can be used in a concentration not more than 1% (*). Means Glycolic acid is present in concentration 1% or even less which is way too low to show results. (Though it is still good for the very mild exfoliation that it’ll cause).

Plum Green Tea alcohol-free toner

Texture: The toner looks almost like water with a faint smell of something I couldn’t relate to. It leaves no residue, sliminess or tackiness post application. Such toners work best when used with a cotton pad/swab. This doesn’t sting but a person with common sense will never take any toner near the eye area.

Plus points: The brand is Vegan, cruelty-free, says no to parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, SLS, DEA, PABA & animal derived ingredients.

Plum Green Tea alcohol-free toner

My verdict on Plum Green Tea alcohol-free toner:

Honestly, I quite like Plum Green Tea alcohol-free toner. It has all the right ingredients for oily-acne prone skin. Its continuous usage does help in drying out the smaller zits in just 1-2 nights. It should also exfoliate the skin due to the presence of Glycolic acid (I doubt because of the much lesser percentage). My skin has become more radiant, my acne scars are fading at a remarkable rate (of course, in conjunction with my entire skin care routine & not only this) and the texture has become evener. This toner has definitely teamed up well with my skincare routine and helped my skin getting better.

Will I repurchase this? Umm No! It does help in getting rid of excess sebum and small zits but I want my toner to exfoliate as well. People who wish to deep clean their pores and keep small zits at bay will love this.

By the way, I have found my perfect toner. Do you want to know about it? Will love to make a post on it if you guys wish.

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8 thoughts on “Plum Green Tea alcohol-free toner | Review

  1. I have ordered 2 at once 😛 I want my skin care game to be more than what it is right now 😀 I love how you research about the ingredients. It is so good to read and understand about it <3 <3
    And yes, waiting for your THE TONER 😀 😀

  2. Loved this review!! I would love to know about your favourite toner❤❤ I am allergic to caffeine so might not buy this one . Loved the pics ❤❤ I would even love to read about your skincare routine 😘😘

  3. Anita Singh says:

    Aapke favorite toner ka intzaar hai )
    Bitiya k liye lena hai kyunki uska field job hai to ab usko jarurat rehti hai
    Aapne kitne smartly Glycolic acid n other ingredients ka pata lagaya 👍👍

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