Maybelline FashionBrow Cream Pencil review | Brown | New launch

Today I am going to talk about a new launch by Maybelline. It’s their Fashionbrow Cream Pencil. I was simply browsing Nykaa and stumbled upon this. Read on to find out whether this new launch is worth a try or not.


Price: It retails for 175Rs for 0.78g product and has a shelf life of 36 months.

Packaging: Unlike their Duo shaper, this comes in a conventional wooden pencil form which needs to be sharpened. There is no sharpened along with the pencil.

Shades: There are two shades available.

  1. Brown
  2. Dark grey

I went for the brown shade as I had Fashionbrow Duo shaper in brown and matched my brows pretty well.

Up: Maybelline Fashionbrow Duo shaper – multiple swipes; Down: Maybelline Fashionbrow Cream pencil – 2-3 swipes


Texture: This has a slightly waxy texture to it that gives a very light colour when swiped once (which is good for an eyebrow pencil). The colour builds up when applied in multiple short strokes with a light hand.

The shade is very different from the Fashionbrow Duo shaper’s brown shade. The former had greyish brown while this has brownish brown. (I hope you get my shade description!). I’ve added a picture above so that you can get what I mean.


Surprisingly, these are not listed on Maybelline India’s page. These are the claims I found on Nykaa.

  • Creamy formulation brow pencil.
  • Super blendable eye brow pencil.
  • 12 hr wear.
  • Exclusive heat-proof.
  • Long-wearing formula.
  • Available in 2 shades: grey for dark hair and brown for light hair.

So, I think I goofed up the shade here. So silly of me! (This came to my notice while writing this post, I swear).


Staying power: It has an amazing staying power. I didn’t even apply any powder or eyebrow gel on the top of this & yet it stayed for the entire day. If this survived horrid summer days, it can survive anything.

The verdict: The shade is not a good match for my brows, but still post application one can hardly tell any difference. For my brows, I just want to fill in the sparse areas as I am not into shaping them quite often (I am happy because my brows are the way I want them to be). Hence this pencil is ideal for me. Also, I have fine brow hair so this pencil seamlessly fills in the sparse areas. I can’t really comment on how this is going to fare for thick haired brows.

plain brows
with the cream pencil

There isn’t much of a difference in the pictures, I know, because I’ve just filled in. I don’t go for shaping my brows.Also, in the closeup, the brown colour stands out but it seems unnoticeable on full face.

The only downsides I can see are just two shades and the need of sharpening the pencil which wastes a lot of product. Apart from these, I quite liked this pencil and would repurchase this. This time in the correct shade, ofcourse! Let me know your experience with the Maybelline Fashionbrow cream pencil or the Duo Shaper.

Until next time, stay beautiful & keep smiling!


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22 thoughts on “Maybelline FashionBrow Cream Pencil review | Brown | New launch

  1. Your brows are so good. Try just filling them in with a tinted brow gel and might be enough for you! Essence makes one that I love. I believe NYX does too…

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