Island Kiss Lip Moisture Stain Review ~ Black Rose & Grenade Rouge

Hello, my ladies!😘

I had not tried Island kiss lip balms (I don’t know why!) but as soon as I came to know that they have launched lip stains, I instantly ordered one of the variants. 😬 So, let’s directly jump into the review:

Price: Rs499 for 14gm of product (I got this for Rs249 from with a shelf life of 36 months.

You can get this from (but now it’s available at 499 as the introductory offer is over, it seems 😏).

Packaging: It comes in a tube package with vintage Hollywood ladies here and there. Quite catchy! Even the cardboard box in which it comes has a similar theme and looks catchy as well. The tube has a small opening which dispenses the product that can be directly applied to the lips.



Texture: The texture is quite thick. You have to press the tube real hard to get the product out. It doesn’t squeeze out easily and you shall definitely feel uneasiness to use this in the first few applications. But once you get an idea, this is not going to be bothersome.


It’s bright red (not orange as it looks in the picture)

The balm is a vibrant red colour which glides on easily on the lips. For those having flawless lips, it will give a bright red look while ladies like me with pigmented lips, it will give a deep red look. You’ll see for yourself in the swatches below.

I was talking about these, hope you remember!


The fragrance is something which we all will relate to. Have you ever tasted those pan-pasand candies which tasted like a pan? Yes, this exactly smells like them.It also tastes sweet. I had forgotten the existence those candies but this reminded me of them, instantly.😍🍬

Ingredients: Tropical kokum, Avocado & Mango Butter, Organic Beeswax, Stevia, Organic Carrot seed oil, Pure castor oil, Rich Vitamin-E oil, Macadamia Nut oil, Black Rose essential oil, Pomegranate Seed oil, Natural Organic colour. All the ingredients seem pretty natural to me.


Petroleum free

Sun protection

Non toxic

100% natural & pure


Freshly applied
After 2 hours of application (the pigmentation becomes naked)

Staying power & pigmentation: When applied freshly on lips, it gives a glossy effect with noticeable colour. It transfers a lot, a lot means A LOT! You will leave your mark wherever you’ll go. 😜 After couple of hours, the colour slowly fades keeping the moisture effect intact. All in all, the staying power is around 4 hrs for both colour payoff and moisturisation.

The verdict: I absolutely loved this lip stain. 😚 I had expected this to be little runny (I don’t know why!) and thought it would leave my lips stained but this came out to be bit different. Basically, this is a tinted lip balm with a hint of little more colour in it. It does moisturise my lips well and smells super amazing! The taste is also lip-smacking. If you are bored of your current lip balm and wish for something different, definitely go for this.😎

Who can try this out?

Ladies with very chapped lips, pigmented lips, flawless lips, etc etc.. Basically, everyone can give this a shot. And you won’t be disappointed. I promise!🙂

Have you tried any other variant? Let me know your views on them.

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10 thoughts on “Island Kiss Lip Moisture Stain Review ~ Black Rose & Grenade Rouge

  1. Shanaya Shetty says:

    What resemblance! Pan pasand!!! Your fragrance recognition capacity is very powerful. 😜 I too loved those candies.

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