My absolute favourites in 2016

Merry Christmas my lovelies!😘💕 I can’t believe we are approaching 2017! So soon it seems to be. 2016 went in the blink of an eye.😉 Like seriously! So, I thought it’s time to sit down and give a little mention to all those things that I loved during this year. The list is not just going to be related to beauty or makeup, this is going to be about all those things (in general) that I mostly discovered in 2016 and absolutely loved.  So, let’s get started:

A little warning: This is going to be a super long post.📝 So, please bear!

1. Ipad mini Air 2

I purchased this during May, roughly about the time when I created my blog. And this has been helping me since.😍 Quite happy with my investment here and I love it! It is particularly meant for my blogging and stuff (exclusively!).

2. Skullcandy Uprock Over The Ear Headphones-CHELSEA-(Navy Chrome)

I, being a music lover, I had to get these. I need music while walking, while making posts, during leisure, pretty much every time. Though it is not girlish or pinky or so eye catchy but its sound quality is superbly amazing. Moderately priced at around 2000Rs, it is worth every single penny.🎧

3. MAC Studio Fix powder foundation

I can’t describe my love for this. This was my second MAC purchase and it completely lived up to my expectations. NC 42 is the perfect match to my skin tone and I use (only) this when going out for a party or during a special occasion. Seamless coverage and a natural look, is what you can expect from this amazing powder foundation.

4. Revlon photoready perfecting primer

My husband almost skipped a couple heartbeats when he came to know that I am purchasing a primer worth 1500Rs.😳 But now, even he has appreciated my purchase. This is my holy grail primer! Its mere usage blurs out all imperfections on face and it also gives a little glowy effect, even when you don’t apply anything above it. I will keep repurchasing this probably for the rest of my life.🤗

5. Mascaras

You won’t believe but I started using mascaras this year only. Yes! And there has not been a single day, since then, that my lashes didn’t have mascaras on, just like kajal on my waterline. I have 4-5 mascaras and I love all of them. (I’ll be doing a separate post on my mascara collection later, but soon).👁

6. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick-Ruby Woo

(I know I am super late but) I discovered this world famous shade in the second half of 2016 and have been absolutely loving it since then. 💄 Also, this is the boldest shade in my lipstick collection. This is a superbly formulated matte and superbly long-lasting which makes it worth every single penny. Looking forward to trying more MAC lipsticks in 2017.

7. Maybelline FashionBrow duo shaper

This is the only eyebrow product I’ve ever used because I am so satisfied with this that I didn’t find any need to experiment with other product out there. I’ve already finished 2-3 pencils in 2016. Totally totally dependent on this for my brows.

8. Macadamia nourishing leave in cream

The best leave in conditioner I’ve used till date. It smells like fruity bubblegum and keeps my super frizzy hair manageable for a long time. A little on the expensive side but it goes on for long at very little quantity is required in single use.

9. FabIndia depigmentation cream

I’ve completed just one tub and my skin has become more even. This cream shows results but when used with patience. This is a perfect night cream for those who are not looking for anti-ageing benefits. And this is the main reason I switched it to my Lotus Herbals YouthRx Anti-Ageing Night Crème

10. Avene Cleanance Cleansing gel

My previous post was about this amazing cleanser. A no-nonsense cleanser that lives up to all of its claims. This is one of the products that will be in my skincare routine, like, forever!

11. Maybelline Baby Lips Spicy Cinnamon Spiced Up Lip Balm

I’ve been using maybelline babylips for the looongest time everrrr! The only different thing this time was the flavour: spicy cinnamon. (Wanted to add some spice to my life!)😜

12. Vaseline spray moisturiser-Cocoa radiant

Discovered in late 2016 but won my heart. 💕 I’ve already used one bottle and another one is on its way. Keeps my dry hands and legs moisturised for the entire day, even in winters. ❄️ There is nothing more to ask for from this moisturiser and there is no reason to not to love it.

13. Enliven conditioner-Raspberry & Red Apple

This doesn’t coat my hair strands with tough silicones because it is a silicone-free conditioner. The only con is its availability but has pretty much everything these days.🤗

14. FabIndia Olive Hand and Cuticle cream

My hands are super duper dry hence a hand cream is my utmost necessity during all times of the year.🙌🏻 My absolute favourite is FabIndia’s hand cream which I’ve already finished. Currently I am finishing off my current creams on hand but definitely going back to my favourite one.

15. A couple of jewellery

These were given to me as a gift by my sister. 🎁 She got these from Thailand. I had these on during my recent trip to Goa. I am not a great fan of jewellery but recently I’ve started having a little liking for statement pieces. So, this is just my beginning and let’s see how far it goes in 2017.

16. Hand purse

I got this as a promotional gift from Oriflame. Love it to bits. Perfect for casual looks or on vacations.👜👒

17. Nail polish

I love all of my nail polishes. Every single one of them.💅🏻

18. Riya Creator

As usual, my sister introduced me to this perfume brand. This might not be a high end brand but trust me, it has a mesmerising fragrance. Its availability is a big issue as it is not available in shops or malls but as usual has got everything for us.

19. An extra skincare effort

I’ve been taking Himalaya Amlaki tablets and Zandu Lalima blood purifier for more than six months now and I’ve seen a huge difference. My acne have almost gone, they don’t even pop up during my cycles and my skin glows (at least, I feel that). Amla is a great nutrition source for hair. These are easily available at any pharmacy store and cheap as well.

20. And last but not the least, my Nikon D5300

This was my birthday gift by my hubby. He knew how much I love photography and gave my dream wings by presenting this. Though still learning to figure a DSLR out, I am super happy and proud of my DSLR. This is the hand behind all my pictures (recently) and I absolutely love this.😘

So, these were my absolute loved things during 2016. I am super excited to unleash 2017 and experience what it unfolds for me. What are your loved products? Do share with me and recommend to others as well in the comments below.

Enjoy the festival dearies. Love you all.

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26 thoughts on “My absolute favourites in 2016

  1. I have never tried Ruby Woo from Mac, I must try this year! Are there any really good drugstore mascara’s you would recommend? I am a new blogger and it would mean the world if you could check out my blog and maybe even give it a follow (I am following back everyone!) All the best for 2017! Izzy Xx

    • You MUST try out Ruby Woo!! And Maybelline is the king when it comes to mascaras but I am loving the Rimmel scandaleyes too!!! Not sure if the latter is available at your place but it’s easily available on amazon.

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