How to win a giveaway??

This was the most asked question, especially during my giveaway contest. I got DMs and mails to give a detailed scenario on how a winner is selected and what aspects are looked into. So, today I thought of helping you all out and explaining (from a blogger point of view) how a winner is selected.

So, let’s get started:

Do: First of all, follow blogs that are in your line of interest, be it beauty, food, photography, travel, language, poetry or any other genre.

Don’t: Do not follow a blog just for a giveaway or contests!

Bloggers look out for an audience that connects with them, an audience which is interactive and which is actually interested in their posts and can make their blog grow.

Do: Stay connected. Like, share, comment and give feedback to the blogger. Make your presence feel!  If a post attracts you, like it and drop a message stating how much you liked the post. If you didn’t like something, you can let the blogger know what and where did it go wrong and also if you have any suggestion, go ahead and share it. Give suggestions on what topic you need a post, ask or request the blogger to make one. Bloggers are always looking for feedback because that is the only way to make sure whether the blog is progressing on the correct path.

Don’t: Do not be a silent reader! Even if you are a religious follower of a blog, you won’t be noticed and the chances of you winning a giveaway will only narrow down.

Giveaways are a very important phase for both the bloggers as well as the subscribers. Giveaways are held for many reasons:

  • Reaching a milestone
  • Celebrating blog anniversary
  • Blog expansion
  • Scheduled giveaways (for blogs having big fan following)

Not all giveaways are sponsored. New bloggers will host a giveaway out of their own pocket. And hence, it is more difficult for them to decide the winner. Because, they have to expand their blog on all social media, expand the number of subscribers and at the same time, do not want to upset the followers by rewarding just One.

Do: If you like a blog, follow it on all social media. If you are interacting everywhere, chances of you being noticed will be more.

Don’t: Do not simply keep tagging friends in the posts of giveaway. Read the rules carefully and act accordingly.

A blog is a part of a blogger’s attitude and life. So, as a follower, be in a personal touch with the blogger. Let the blogger draw the line how much he/she wants to discuss about his/her life in public. But if they choose to, go ahead and join them and acknowledge them!

Do: Address the blogger as you would address any other person. For eg. Didi, bro, address by first name if you fall in same age group.

Don’t : No sir, no madam. Also, never ask awkward questions, for eg. What is the name of your wife? Or where do you work? Some bloggers tend to keep things to themselves, so respect the privacy.

And last but not the least, it is you who are going to read the blog, it is you who are going to win the giveaway. Don’t ever get disappointed if you don’t win one time, there is always a second chance. Yes! Keep trying because a little gift is always JOY!!! Ain’t it??

I hope, I’ve covered as many points as I can. I (and most of the other bloggers) keep the same things in mind, as discussed above, while deciding the winners. If you feel there can be an addition, let me know in the comments.


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5 thoughts on “How to win a giveaway??

  1. Shruti says:

    Will try to incorporate these! I am a college goimg girl and winning a give away shall be my biggest motivation. Thank you Tosom.

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