StudioWest Aloevera & Green Apple facewash review

I was planning to go for an in-depth tour to the StudioWest but could’t stop myself to the quickie detour while shopping stuff for my new home. I quickly got my hands on these three products and I was done within 4 minutes, to be precise!

The products I got are:

  1. StudioWest Pure Passion Makeup Remover
  2. StudioWest Aloe vera & Green Apple facewash
  3. StudioWest Indulge Romantic Rose Refreshing Shower Gel

Out of these three, I have been using the facewash since quite sometime now & I think I am ready to review it down.

Coming to the product:

Price: INR145 with a shelf life of 23 months

Ingredient list: It has a long list out of which Glycerin, Aloe vera & Lotus extract catches eye.

Texture: It looks green when in the tube but comes out as almost transparent gel. A pea sized amount will suffice for one time facewash. It has the fragrance of green apple. Exactly like the fruit!

The verdict: It’s a decent product with an unacceptably low price! The entire StudioWest range is very budget friendly. I use it at night, before going to bed. Post wash, my skin is left clean-soft-supple and no itchiness is felt unlike other facewashes tend to give. It is meant for suiting sensitive skin and true to its claim, it has not irritated me at all or broken me out.

Will I recommend? Absolutely, yes! At this price, I can’t even dream of saying No.

Will I repurchase? Yes! The next time I visit StudioWest, I’ll pick this up along with their makeup products.

Let me know whether you’ve tried any products from this range?

Until next time, stay beautiful and keep smiling!

-Tosom, xoxo ❤️

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