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Frankly speaking, these foundations were not scheduled to be reviewed today but I have been getting DMs every week about their efficacy & shade. Hence, I decided to keep aside the original post & review The Ordinary Colours foundations. I know you are already willing to know more about them, hence keep on reading.

The Ordinary Colours

There are 2 variants available: Serum Foundation & Coverage Foundation. The shade range goes same for both the variants hence if you know your shade in one range you can blindly go for that shade in the other variant.

The Ordinary Colours foundations have plastic bottle packaging with a pump. The bottle is somewhat transparent and reflects the shade of the foundation. The pump is not the best as it starts to squirt the product rather than dispensing it after a few usages. (learned the hard way) You have to be very cautious else be prepared to get the foundation on your dress.

The Ordinary Colours

Where to buy The Ordinary Colours? 

If you don’t wish to go under the stress of International shipping & customs, you can also get it from Instagram resellers just like me. I got these from @imported_makeup for Rs.900 each.

The Ordinary Colours

Let’s compare both the variants of The Ordinary Colours side by side:

Serum foundation Coverage foundation
Price# 10.90$ 11.90$
Quantity 30ml 30ml
Sun protection SPF 15 SPF 15
Consistency Liquidy, quite runny Liquidy but thicker than serum foundation
Coverage Sheer Medium
Shade 2.1Y 2.1Y
Finish Dewy Demi matte
Staying power* upto 4-5 hours Pretty much the entire day

* – I work in an air-conditioned environment the entire day. Hence staying power has been calculated accordingly. Please keep that in mind.

# – The Ordinary Colours are available anywhere from Rs.900 to Rs.1200 in India.

Top: Serum Foundation | Bottom: Coverage Foundation

My verdict on The Ordinary Colours:

To be honest, both the variants work similarly for me as I apply just a hint of the foundation and don’t like layering it up. Just that the serum foundation gives a more dewy finish. I refrain from using Serum Foundation on very hot or humid days as I have oily skin and it won’t last that long. Both of these foundations do not accentuate any dry patches and feel quite comfortable. They feel light-weight and look quite natural. BUT, I face a big issue with both of these. These aren’t water resistant at all. I accidentally got few drops of rain on my way to office & the foundation blotched like watercolours! (not flattering at all) Also, even profuse sweating melts the foundation. So these foundations wouldn’t be ideal for outdoors. I still use these for day to day basis and just hope that it doesn’t rain while I travel.

Though both the foundations will suit all skin types, with respect to their finish, Serum Foundation will cater to dry-normal skin while Coverage Foundation will cater to normal-oily skin.

My skin type: oily-dehydrated & acne-prone.

My shade: NC 40ish in MAC, Classic Tan in NYX total drops, 240 in Maybelline Fit Me, 7W/D in Loreal True Match, 300 in Fenty Beauty. (hope this helps)

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7 thoughts on “The Ordinary Colours | Foundation review | Indian skin

  1. Aishwarya Krishnammachary says:

    If they are not water resistant that is a big minus point
    Wish they had used glass instead of plastic
    Loved reading this

  2. definitely does not seem worth spending money on…blotchy foundation 🙁 girl I can feel you… I sweat a lot and it can rain here anyday so I’m skipping it for sure…thanks for saving my money 🙂

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