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I have always been a blush person. In fact, blush was one of the first makeup items I ever purchased! I prefer matte blushes as I have oily skin but LA Girl Just Blushing blush is an exception. Wondering why? Read on to find out more about this.

LA Girl Just Blushing blush

LA Girl Just Blushing blush retails for Rs.675 and we get 7gm product. Its shelf life is 36 months. Looking at the quantity we get, this is going to last forever!

LA Girl products are available at Nykaa and other e-commerce websites. I haven’t come across a store selling it offline (at least not in Pune).

LA Girl Just Blushing blush

Just Rosy is a beautiful combination of pink & peach. It is going to flatter fair to medium skintones. I am NC 40 and it suits me very well. It might look ashy on deeper skintones.

LA Girl Just Blushing blush has specks of shimmer which are visible even to naked eyes. But they translate so beautifully on the skin without looking chunky. The blush blends in seamlessly and imparts a beautiful glow. If you are not a highlighter person like me then you can rely on such blushes for some glow.

LA Girl Just Blushing blush

LA Girl Just Blushing blush is crazily pigmented. I apply it with a loosely packed brush and boy! I love the finish. It picks just a little amount of product which looks so natural yet noticeable. The staying power is also great. It stays pretty much the entire day without turning patchy or fading.

LA Girl Just Blushing blush

My verdict on LA Girl Just Blushing blush:

I am pretty sure, by now, even you might have fallen for this gorgeous blush. It has a smooth velvety feel to it. Lovely shade, intensely pigmented, imparts glow and long lasting, I think there is nothing left to wish for! A little pricey for a drugstore brand but trust me, this is going to last you a very long time. (3 years minimum, if not forever!)

I would highly highly recommend this to people of all skin types and fair to medium skintones.

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