Skincare routine for acne prone skin | My acne story

I started facing acne issue after my teens (hormonal kick I guess) and I was never serious about treating them. I always thought acne are meant to come and then go, leaving marks behind. But gradually I realized that taking good care of your skin & using proper skincare products can not only keep acne at bay but also reduce acne pigmentation. After many trials and errors, I’ve created a routine for myself which has proved very much beneficial to me. Sharing with you all my skincare routine for acne prone skin.

I shall be jotting down steps and give product recommendations side by side. Also, there are some tips hidden. So make sure you stay with me till the end! (alert: irksome acne pics ahead!) Products marked in blue are clickable links to their respective review posts.

1. Makeup removal: Whether you use makeup or not, I highly recommend you use a cleansing balm/oil to melt down all dirt, grime, sebum and deeply cleanse the skin. My fav: Banilla Co. cleansing balm.

2. Facewash: It is extremely essential to use a low pH cleanser (below pH level 6) to keep the acid mantle of the skin unharmed. My favs: Cipla Saslic facewash, Vya naturals Vit C facewash.

3. Toning: Though just an added step, toning helps in removing those pesky little grime particles which otherwise might end up clogging pores. I suggest you use an AHA based toner in the evening which will provide mild exfoliation as well. My favs: Tvakh exfoliating water, The Ordinary 7% glycolic toning solution.

Hydration is the key to keep your skin soft and supple. And in the process of drying up acne, we end up drying our skin as well. Hence after cleansing, it is time to replenish the skin with as much hydration as possible.

4. Essence: (optional) These are almost water-like, hence can easily be layered up. Also, adding a layer of hydration harmed no one. My fav: Vya Naturals Vitamin C serum.

5. Serum/Emulsion: (optional) I never skip this step. There are times when I’ve skipped a moisturizer but never a serum. These add so much hydration without clogging the pores, when chosen wisely. My fav: It’s Skin clinical solution AC emulsion, It’s Skin PO effector serum, Innisfree Green Tea balancing lotion, The Ordinary niacinamide.

6. Moisturizer: (optional when 4 & 5 are used) The last and final step in a skincare routine. I prefer mild ones for daytime & heavy duty moisturizing ones for night time. These can also be skipped if enough moisturizing emulsions are used.

My favs: (AM) Loreal revitalift Laser X3 day cream, Apieu Madeccassoside gel cream, Pyunkang Yul moisture cream. (PM) Plum green tea renewed clarity night gel (when mixed with oils), Skin&Lab barrierderm intensive cream.

Some tips to dry out the acne/pimples fast:

  • Use a clay mask as a spot treatment, only over the affected area. It will dry it out. My fav: ENN AC NAY anti-acne face mask.
  • Never use physical scrubs on acne prone skin (you wouldn’t want to rub a wound with a coarse product, right?) Try chemical peels and you’ll never look back to physical scrubs. My fav: Innisfree peeling wine jelly softener, The Ordinary AHA 20% + BHA 2% peeling solution.
  • Use Pond’s pimple clearing gel as a leave on spot treatment. It clears pimples by removing the bacteria from pore level.
  • Use green tea mist. Currently, I am loving Innisfree green tea mist.
  • Always use a sunscreen during the daytime. It looks as if sunscreen is a solution to all skin problems. My fav: Tvakh super AM sunscreen spray, Aroma magic aloe vera sunscreen gel.
  • Use Tamanu oil to get rid of the pigmentation left behind, quickly.


  • No physical scrub
  • No applying of Colgate over acne
  • Don’t apply tea tree oil directly over acne. Too much of it can cause extreme dryness.
skincare routine
After all it has been through, this is how my skin looks now!

Phew! These were the tips & products that helped me get rid of my acne and improve my skin texture. I still break out from time to time but that’s totally manageable and normal. It’s never too late to start taking care of our skin. If you need an individual post on any topic, do let me know! Would love to make one for you.

Until next time, stay beautiful & keep smiling!
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Disclaimer: I am only sharing my experience and the products that suit me. The ones which worked for me might not work equally well for you.

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21 thoughts on “Skincare routine for acne prone skin | My acne story

    • Bhumika says:

      Do share with someone in need! The review post on TO niacinamide is in line.. do expect it this month. ☺️

  1. You write great articles Bhumika! I am definitely going to come again and every tip is helpful. i have gone through the same so I can pretty much relate everything to you. Bad skin is like a bad day, it does not stay for long. One must be always positive and keep doing the right thing.

  2. I used to scrub my skin raw with those heavy duty almond-apricot-walnut scrubs in college before I realized that they left my skin super sensitive, red, full of rashes and acne! Now only chemical exfoliators for me too! Wonderful tips 🙂

    • Bhumika says:

      Physical exfoliators are so bleh! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ Nonetheless, better late than never.


    I am very much happy to finally see your fabulous skincare routine. Am using(AM) kama mirdul soap free cleanser, Elixir toner, innisfree green tea serum, innisfree balancing lotion, Tvakh colloidal oats broad-spectrum sun guard, Seer secret Lavender mist. (PM) kama mirdul cleanser,Tvakh 5%vita c glow booster,Elixir acne serum(if zits popped),Elixir Zaria serum,Tvakh aloe grapeseed gel.
    For Scrub- Neutrogena blackhead removal daily scrub( will be used alternate days)
    Mask- Tvakh anti acne mask or Elixir activated charcoal mask. Bhumika have you tried Elixir products?

  4. Dr Kiran Ghanghas says:

    I am glad I found you…thank you for helpful tips and recommendations…My skin is actually behaving badly after shifting to Goa.

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