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Nykaa Matte to Last Liquid Lipsticks have been in the news for all the wrong reasons since the day they were launched! Apart from few, I have only come across their negative reviews and not everyone is liking them. But are these this bad? Read on to find out my take on the latest launch by Nykaa.

Nykaa Matte to Last

Price: These retail for Rs.550 and we get 4.5ml product. (this is very affordable for a liquid lipstick and the quantity of product)

Availability: Only on their website Nykaa.com or their stores.

Nykaa Matte to Last

There are 10 shades launched out of which I picked Mishti & Bombae. Nykaa Matte To Last lipsticks come in a black plastic packaging with transparent blocks which reflect the shade of the lipstick. The wand is very short and the applicator is pointy which I really like as it helps in creating precise edges.

Nykaa Matte to Last
Mishti – after 5 mins of application
Nykaa Matte to Last
Bombae – after 5 mins of application

Mishti is a beautiful red with pink tones. This is a universally flattering shade. This is more comfortable out of the two. It sets to a matte finish with few minutes of the application but is not transfer-proof. It stays comfortable for 4-5 hours after which the dryness increases and my lips start craving for some moisture. The transfer-proof property is achieved only after 3-4 hours, though it doesn’t smudge on its own or transfer crazily in the initial hours as well.

Bombae is a gorgeous nude shade that will (sadly) suit only fairer skin tones. This shade almost washes me out but I can make it work with a darker lip liner. It is more drying than Mishti, has slightly thicker consistency & applies a bit patchy (on pigmented lips). Staying power is 3-4 hours after which it starts crumbling from the inner side of the lips. Also, it gets uncomfortably dry after 3-4 hours.

Nykaa Matte to Last
Nykaa Matte to Last

My verdict on Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipsticks:

I have a love-hate relationship with these! I like them for the first initial hours after application but absolutely dislike them after that. My only requirement from a liquid lipstick is a comfortable feeling, rest everything comes secondary. How you’ll like these depends how you are accustomed to liquid lipsticks. If you find the Chambor liquid lipsticks or the Colorbar kiss-proof ones good then these are definitely going to be in your favourites. Otherwise, you are not going to like these for sure! Nykaa Matte to Last lipsticks aren’t as drying as the Sugar ones or the Colourpop ultra mattes neither these are as comfortable as the Revlon HD mattes. It all depends upon personal preferences. For me, I can pull these off for 4 hours easily.

If these aren’t that bad then why did Nykaa Matte To Last made all the wrong impressions? This happened due to Nykaa’s advertising! They advertised the products with characteristics which they didn’t have in the first place! According to them these were:

Long wearing ~ wears up to 4-5 hours max after which noticeable fading/crumbling is seen

Super comfortable formula ~ might not be a comfortable matte for everyone. Also, the formula is definitely not comfortable after 4-5 hours.

For Indian Skintones ~ Not all shades will suit medium-deep skin tones, especially the nude ones which everyone is going to eye!

Intense pigmentation ~ These aren’t full coverage but definitely provide 70-80% coverage.

Also, their swatches are so highly altered that they seem very misleading now!

So, this was my honest AF review on Nykaa Matte To Last liquid lipsticks. Had Nykaa taken care of their vigorous promotion, these wouldn’t be this infamous. I’d recommend you go to the store, swatch the lipsticks, see how the shade looks on you, feel the formula whether comfortable for you or not and then purchase!

Until next time, stay beautiful & keep smiling!🤔
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13 thoughts on “Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid lipstick | Review Swatches | Indian skin

  1. Very good review. Thanks for your honest opinion. I am thinking of trying a shade to see how i like it. Now, i love the chambor ones but dont like the colorbar ones. Haha. So I m confused. Interested to see how I like these.

  2. I definitely do not want to buy these now…I however like chamber liquid lipsticks and they are deilfinitly more comfortable than colourpop ultra mattes…But I always apply lipbalm before any liquid lipstick application… bombae is not washing you out…I like it more on you 😊

  3. Aishwarya Krishnammachary says:

    I too stayed away from these after the controversy erg. these
    Wish they had invested more into product development instead of marketing

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