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It’s 40 degrees already and the last thing I’d want is a dry lipstick on my lips! Hence, this summer I am constantly reaching out for lipsticks that never get dry or uncomfortable. I had purchased Faces Glam On Moisture Rich Lipstick in the shade Watermelon back in February but it is now that I am enjoying it a lot. Let’s dive into the review to know more about it.

Faces Glam On Moisture Rich Lipstick

Price: Faces Glam On Moisture Rich Lipstick retails for Rs.449.

Availability: These are easily available online as well as in stores.

Faces Glam On Moisture Rich Lipstick

There are 12 shades launched based on 12 sun-signs. Luckily the shade Watermelon attracted me the most which also represented my sun-sign Libra.

Watermelon is a very beautiful pink shade with mauve tones to it. It will flatter majority but very deep skin tones. It’s an everyday kind of a shade which can look good on its own or when paired with a smokey eye.

Faces Glam On Moisture Rich Lipstick

On fair tones, it will look pinker and will turn mauvish as the skin tone deepens.

Faces Glam On Moisture Rich Lipstick smell very much like candies. The pigmentation is pretty nice and decent coverage is obtained in a couple of swipes. The lipstick glides on easily and there’s absolutely no need of applying a lip balm beneath. This shade, in particular, doesn’t bleed on its own, however, it is not smudge-proof and does transfer.

Faces Glam On Moisture Rich Lipstick

My verdict on Faces Glam On Moisture Rich Lipstick:

Oh! I am in love with the texture and the shade. I’ve been using this non-stop for 2 weeks which is very rare for me. It goes with almost every attire or makeup look and gives a flush of colour to the look. Reasonably priced, decently pigmented, stays for good 4 hours and lovely shade, what else do you need from a lipstick. I reapply it after lunch and then it’s good to go for the second half. It fades evenly and also doesn’t crumble or get collected towards the inner side of the lips. I simply love the formula which is so comfortable in this heat!

If you are looking for a super long lasting, matte, non-transferable lipstick then you might not like this. But if you are looking for one which can be worn pretty much everyday, has satin finish and don’t mind the transfer, then I highly recommend you go for Faces Glam On Moisture Rich Lipstick. Also, don’t forget to find out your shade as per the sun-sign! (just for fun)

Which is your favourite lipstick this summer? Let me know.

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22 thoughts on “Faces Glam On Moisture Rich Lipstick | Review and swatches | Indian skin

  1. This looks so pretty on you! Oh, and if it fades evenly, I’m pretty sure I’ll love it. Nothing worse than a half-faded lipstick from the inside of your mouth.
    Great post!
    I’d love it if you’d check out my new post at https://wp.me/p7thtM-rI
    Khanak x

  2. I literally eat lipsticks 🤣 creamy and satin finish disappears in no time on me… But I definitely want to try atleast one form this range 🙂

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