Pure Suds De-grease face gel | Review | Oily skin

It’s summer and time to give more importance to hydration. And here come face gels into the picture! When chosen wisely, a face gel will not only provide hydration but will also freshen you up and help in healing skin related problems. Today let’s talk about Pure Suds De-grease face gel which I had purchased in winter, last year.

De-grease face gel

Brand: This brand has been renamed to Pure Bubbles. It contains a wide range of skincare & haircare along with very cute and colourful soaps handcrafted by an amazing person Bhavana in Pali, Rajasthan. She knows her ingredients and blends them well into amazing concoctions which work as a treat for the skin. You can know more about the brand here.

De-grease face gel

Price: I got the De-grease face gel for Rs.400. There’s 90gm product in the jar. That’s pretty much affordable for the price.

Availability: You can contact Bhavana on her Instagram to place an order. (at above mentioned link)

De-grease face gel

Ingredients: Witch hazel, tea tree hydrosol, lavender hydrosol, glycerin, calendula extract, apple extract, aloevera extract, papaya extract, blackberry extract, distilled water, carbormer 940 (gel maker) & phenoxyethanol (preservative).

Witch hazel is a natural astringent which treats acne, nourishes skin, regulates sebum production, removes excess oil and dead skin cells which get accumulated on the skin, fights aging and evens out skintone.

Hydrosol is a aromatic water that is left after steam distilling the respective ingredient (lavender/green tea/etc) and is a much lesser concentrated version of essential oils. It is very less likely to cause skin irritation when compared to essential oils.

A mixture of hydrosols is blended to give amazing benefits like fighting acne, hydration, nourishing, skin calming & regulating excess sebum.

Glycerin is an amazing humectant that attracts moisture to the skin. It helps in fighting acne, dry skin & wrinkles.

De-grease face gel

Texture: The texture of De-grease face gel is gel-like but with hydrating properties. It gives a mild cooling sensation when applied, this is because my skin is used to acids and low pH products. If your skin isn’t then this will cause a mild tingling sensation when applied. Unlike regular gels which disappear right away, this leaves the skin mildly moisturized. It smells of witch hazel which I adore a lot.

De-grease face gel

My verdict on Pure Suds De-grease face gel:

I had purchased during colder months and wasn’t really enjoying (or maybe hadn’t really figured out how to use it yet) but now I can’t imagine my summer without this! I use De-grease face gel right after my toner as a first skin treatment & really enjoy how this feels on my bare skin. This can also be used as a toner and it feels very refreshing. It really helps in soothing down by acne and irritated skin. The mild exfoliation it provides makes my skin soft and supple. I usually top it up with a moisturizer (or several layers including serums, essences and creams depending on my mood).

Now that the brand name has been changed, their products have been reformulated too. The De-grease face gel now has hyaluronic acid (added moisture benifit) and retails for Rs.400 for 50ml. Also, it now comes in a pump bottle.

I am definitely going to repurchase this and will recommend to everyone. Though the De-grease face gel will suit all skin types but is targetted specifically for oily-acne prone skin. Nonetheless, everyone is free to use and cherish its awesomeness. Stay tuned as I am going to review some of her latest launches.

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