The best sunscreen ever | For all skin types & for all seasons

No matter what season it is,  sunscreen is a must have every single day. If you are not using one, then go first purchase Tvakh sunscreen and then come back for reading this post! It’s very important to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Also, it’s equally important to get a sunscreen that suits your skin well, doesn’t grease, doesn’t leave a whitish cast, sits beautifully under your makeup and doesn’t break you out. Though it’s already evident from the title that I am in love with this product, let’s find out why this sunscreen is so amazing and why you should definitely have it.


Price: Rs. 555 for 150ml. (pretty much affordable)

Availability: Tvakh products are available only at their website and at (We need more options Tvakh!)


Tvakh sunscreen gives protection from both UVA & UVB rays. It has an SPF of 30 and Protection grade PA+++ which is quite good.

Ingredients: The list is very impressive! It has both physical (Titanium Dioxide) and chemical sunscreen (Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Butyl Methoxydibenzolymethane) ingredients to provide maximum sun protection. In addition to these, it has Glycerin (moisturizing agent), Licorice (fights pigmentation) and Squalane & not Squalene  (helps in cell growth, prevents age spots and has antioxidant properties).

The ingredients legit mimic those of a good moisturizer! Hence, this is not just a sunscreen, it is also an amazing skincare product.


Tvakh products have no petroleum oils, no parabens and are cruelty-free.

Packaging: Another amazing thing about this sunscreen is that it is actually a spray. It is super convenient to use and leaves no reason for lazy people like us to not to apply it. (no bahaanebaazi)


Texture: The texture of it is one of the most amazing formulas I have ever come across! It is so watery but very hydrating at the same time which doesn’t make the face greasy but adds as a moisturizer, in turn, making the skin more soft and supple! (Phew….) It has a sweet fragrance which is not bothersome. It hasn’t irritated my skin at all nor caused any breakouts.



My verdict of Tvakh sunscreen spray:

Needless to say, I love this sunscreen. Before this, I was very much content with Aroma Magic sunscreen Gel but now in front of this, the Aroma one looks very basic (to be honest). The spray dispenser makes the application very easy. My skin has been loving this and YES it prevents tanning to a great extent. I use this both on face and body and roam bindass in the sun. Reapplication is also very easy and the bottle is very travel-friendly.

The only con according to me would be the availability (the opaque packaging can also be considered as one).

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10 thoughts on “The best sunscreen ever | For all skin types & for all seasons

  1. Anita Singh says:

    Spray hai to sach me application easy rehta hai, accha product hai 👍👍 aapka honest review k iye *****
    Thank you so much for all your love n like 😍😍🤗🤗

  2. Anonymous says:

    Bhumika, I was planning to buy the colloidal oats wala sunscreen from Tvakh! Now I am confused. Please suggest which one to go for

  3. Tvakh products are gud n reasonably priced. The only con in this product is it has chemical UV filters too which are very harmful and banned by skin cancer institute in many countries. Their colloidal oats and carrot seed sunscreen is a completely physical sunscreen and is efficient and safe too.
    Crisp review👍

  4. PK says:

    Hi Bhumika, I checked out Tvakh’s website. This product is not listed anymore. Has it been discontinued? Please help.

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