Products that didn’t work for me!

Hello! World. I’ve already shared my favourite beauty products, segment-wise, on my Insta posts last year (visit @makeup_and_smiles to know more). And today I shall be summing up those products which didn’t work for me and I eventually ended up regretting their purchase. Majority of these have been discovered in 2017. Now, beginning in no particular order:

Products that didn’t work for me!

1. Maybelline Colorshow Bright Matte Lipstick

Products that didn’t work for me!

The shade is very pretty, no doubt, but it’s the texture that I have a problem with. The lipstick applies beautifully but then its downfall begins. First of all, the staying power is pathetic. It starts fading in less than 2 hours and gathers weirdly at one place. All in all, the look is not at all flattering and now I only use it during short visits to the grocery store or when at home! 🤷You can read the entire review here.

2. Sugar Smudge me not liquid lipsticks

Products that didn’t work for me!

I know many people are going to judge me for putting these on the list but let’s be honest, these lipsticks are so drying that my lips can almost feel their life being sucked out. Again, I love the shades I have (Tan Fan & Brink Of Pink) and also adore those which I don’t have, but I simply cannot purchase these anymore. 😔 I need courage and a lot of self-motivation to use this for a long day. I love comfortable lippies with decent staying power.

3. Colorbar Kiss proof Lip stain – Haute Latte

Products that didn’t work for me!

I really love this shade, it is one of those colours which will suit each and every skintone. I find it drying too but the intensity is bearable. The only issue I have is that this lipstick is that it tends to crumble (ball-up) from the inner sides of the lips, which makes the lipstick very uncomfortable in the long run. I always have to touch up towards the inner side every 2-3 hours which I hate doing. And it’s not even sip-proof leave aside being kiss proof. 🙄

4. Lakme Masaba Lips

Products that didn’t work for me!

These lip crayons were much hyped during their launch because of which I ended up buying 2 shades at the same time. 🙈 Now again, I am in love with these shades (Cotton Candy & Hot Pink Queen) and that’s the only reason I’ve not thrown these away. The texture is very crumbly and the lipstick tends to give a flaky look. You can read my post, wherein I’ve done a long rant about these, here.

5. Sugar Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick

Products that didn’t work for me!

This lipstick was one of those “Internet made me buy” things. Everything is nice about the lipstick except the formula. It’s very waxy and multiple swipes are needed for the colour to show up, which ends up stinging my lips. The application comes out uneven and patchy and I completely dislike it. I don’t know whether I received a wrong batch or my lipstick has reacted with air and turned into a burning monster but I just can’t stand this crayon anymore! 🙅

Nonetheless, I don’t dislike Sugar as a brand. I am still looking forward to getting a couple of shades out of their recent launch and also wish to try their upcoming lip creams.(don’t know their exact names)

6. NYX Ombre Lip Duo Razzle and Dazzle

Products that didn’t work for me!

Once again I believe I have received a wrong batch because I’ve not seen any negative review about these online! This shade, in particular, is not apt for Indian skintone but what bothers me most is the dry formula. It literally feels like you are rubbing a dry crayon on your lips. Plus the two shades just won’t blend with each other. Also, within a couple of week’s time, one side of the pencil gathered some white stuff on it (my product is very much under expiry date). Everything seems to be working in a not so good way for me in this case.☹

7. Maybelline Baby Lips Color Winter flush tinted lip balm

Products that didn’t work for me!

I received this product for free, in one of Nykaa’s offer, with another baby lips & I was super excited to try this out. But, the biggest turn off for me was the false claim! There is no hint of colour, leave aside flush of colour in this lip balm! See for yourself in the pics. I mean, WHY? Why Maybelline has to come up with such a product which is meant for winters and claims to have a flush of colour but to the contrary, this lip balm neither has enough moisturization nor has any sort of faintest colour to it. Highly disappointed!

8. Loreal Infallible 24H powder foundation

Products that didn’t work for me!

Loreal needs to rethink their shade options in few of their launches. I got the darkest shade 245 Warm Sand but still, I feel it is lighter for my skintone. Also, this compact doesn’t have the capability to work as a stand alone product, the finish that I get is not so flattering with minimal coverage. When topped over a liquid foundation, it tends to cake up after some time. I am just finishing up the compact now because I’ve purchased it and I don’t want my money to go down the drain.

9. Cushion foundations

Products that didn’t work for me!

I really wanted to get my terms sorted with cushion foundations but it seems, for now, that I’ll have to wait a little more time. I got these two foundations almost at the same time and was equally disappointed with both of these. Maybelline has made it their motto not to release apt shades in India and majority of the disappointment lies there. I could still have worked with the formula but the shade just doesn’t suit me. Whereas the Innisfree Long wear cushion, though is apt for oily skinned people like me, gives me an uncomfortable feeling post application. First of all, it applies like ‘chip chip chip’ and doesn’t feel light on the skin at all. The shade range is pathetic too. I am still figuring out how to incorporate these into my makeup routine! 🤔

10. Biotique Bio aloe vera ultra soothing face lotion

Products that didn’t work for me!

I have done an in-depth review of this. You can check out that post here. I am finishing it off by using it as a body lotion and never buying it again!

11. Nutrispa Mattifying day moisturizer

Products that didn’t work for me!

I loved their toner and skin firming serum but this one sadly didn’t turn out that amazing for me. I got small zits here and there after using this and also it didn’t do anything in controlling sebum. Also, my skin felt a bit dry on days when I had used this. My husband is currently finishing the bottle. (so nice of him) 😜

12. Maybelline Fit Me Blush Medium Coral

Products that didn’t work for me!

This would have been an amazing blush had there been any pigmentation! This blush neither shows up on my cheek nor on my wrist (which is slightly pale than my cheeks). Also, the brush which comes with it is so coarse that I can’t even think of touching my face with it. 🙍 Refer to the picture on the right and spot a swipe of the blush if you can. (those are multiple swipes btw)

Hmppphh!! Wrapping up my long list here. Just giving a little disclaimer that I don’t have any dislike/hatred towards any of the brands mentioned here. Also, the feelings shown are of my own and not universal, some of these products might as well be on your fav list! 🤷

Let me know which ones are on your list. I hope you liked my honest confessions and if you did, do hit the follow button. Show some love to my blog lovelies by liking, sharing and commenting your views/thoughts.

Until next time, stay beautiful & keep smiling!

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11 thoughts on “Products that didn’t work for me!

    • Bhumika says:

      Is that a coincidence Antariksha? I was watching your latest video when your comment notification popped up! 😲😲 Thanks for being a constant reader on my blog dear. 💕

  1. Anita Singh says:

    Sach me kuch products over hype kar diya jaata hai, sugar smudge me not mujhy powdery lagta hai, baaki hi kuch products hain jo pasand nahi aatey isiliye subscription box lena hi bandh kar diya
    Is se accha mkt se khud apni choice ka brand n product lo
    Thanks for sharing honest review 👍👍

  2. The sugar lip crayon didn’t work for you?! That’s sad coz i loved them!! However tofally agree with u on the remaining ones and appreciate the honest opinion. Thats what we’re here for!!

  3. Aishwarya Krishnammachary says:

    “….need courage and a lot of self-motivation to use this …” – you certainly have a sense of humour 🙂

    I hate the Baby lips too as they are sheer

    I too felt the Lakme Masaba Lips were hyped & they could have spent the money that went into marketing in improving the product

    I have officially given up on cushion foundations given my dark skin tone

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