Battle of stick foundations! Maybelline v/s Nykaa

Hola! Here comes my very first post of 2018. There aren’t many choices available when it comes to stick foundations in the Indian market. Hence when I realized I had 2 stick foundations from 2 most popular brands, I instantly thought of comparing both of them. So let’s jump right into the battle and find our winner!

stick foundations

The two stick foundations that I’m going to compare are Maybelline Fit me Shine free+Balance stick foundation & Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation Stick. I’ll be looking into all aspects, right from shades to staying power.

Price: Maybelline stick foundation retails for 550Rs (9g) whereas Nykaa foundation stick retails for 525Rs (9g).

stick foundations

Packaging: I like the packaging of Maybelline stick foundation more because of the transparent cap and (comparatively) good plastic material, whereas though Nykaa stick foundation looks classy, it has a very flimsy packaging and you’ll have to turn the base many times to get the product out. Despite having the same amount of product, look at the difference between the size of both of these!

stick foundations

Texture: Maybelline stick foundation has a creamier texture as compared to the Nykaa one. It glides on the skin very smoothly and blends into powdery (semi) matte finish. Whereas the Nykaa stick foundation feels a little dry and tugs the skin while applying. Also, it needs a little more time to blend into the skin.

Maybelline foundation stick has an anti-shine core for oil control whereas Nykaa foundation stick has a scent similar to that of an incense stick!

stick foundations

Coverage: Both of these have sheer to (little less than) medium coverage enough to even out the skin, good for daily wear.

Staying power: On my dehydrated oily skin, Maybelline stick foundation stays the entire day (of course with blotting in between) whereas Nykaa stick foundation stays for around 3-4 hours after which it (mysteriously) tends to fade away on its own. Both of these tend to cling to my dry patches on days when I’ve not provided enough hydration to my skin. Can’t help!

stick foundations
Both the foundations swatched | Upper: Maybelline & Lower: Nykaa

Shades: Maybelline stick foundation is available in 5 shades whereas Nykaa has 7 shades. The Nykaa ones will cater more to Indian skintones whereas the main shade 310 is missing in Maybelline one. I have the shade 235 in Maybelline (tad bit pale) and Warm honey (tad bit dark & warm) in Nykaa. None of these match me perfectly but I can work with both of these, easily.

stick foundations
Both the foundations blended | Upper: Maybelline & Lower: Nykaa

The winner in the battle of stick foundations:

For now, I will not repurchase any of these because of lack of a perfect shade match. Though, I can go with Maybelline stick foundation only if they launch shades 240/310 which will suit my complexion more. I am more comfortable with Maybelline stick foundation as it feels less dry and doesn’t tug my skin. Also, it controls oil comparatively more than Nykaa stick foundation. Btw, you can read an indepth review of Maybelline stick foundation here.

I hope this comparison will help you in choosing the correct foundation for yourself. Let me know which one you like more. Also, do hit the follow button if you like my posts. Show some love to my blog lovelies by liking, sharing and commenting your views/thoughts.

Until next time, stay beautiful & keep smiling!

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6 thoughts on “Battle of stick foundations! Maybelline v/s Nykaa

  1. Akriti says:

    Catching up on your blogposts after ages.I surprisingly like Nykaa one much more than Maybelline one.I find Maybelline to be very slippery on my skin.

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