Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream review | Budget friendly cream

I am always on a hunt for good skincare products. Majority of the time I look for Indian brands but sadly, I rarely find a convincing product. So, as soon as Citra launched its face care range in India, I was highly intrigued by the products especially the creams. As I have acne-prone skin, I picked up their cream which showcased their main ingredient Japanese Green Tea. I’ve been using Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream for quite some time now and I feel ready to share my views on it.

Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream

Price: Rs.99 for 30g and Rs.199 for 50g and has an expiry of 2 years. I got the smaller one because I wanted to try it first. Also a little goes a long way, the smaller tube lasted me for good 2 months, there is still some product left which will last me for a week or so.

Availability: I’ve picked mine from Reliance Mart. Citra products are available online as well as in stores which is a great plus point.

Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream
Directions and claims

Ingredients: I had a close look at the ingredients before purchasing, I didn’t want any acne causing product in my skincare routine. I was pretty impressed with the list (sans the parabens). There are few ingredients worth mentioning:

Niacinamide: The very third on the list! It’s my most favourite ingredient. This single-handedly controls sebum production, lightens skin pigmentation, treats skin conditions, reduces pores in long run, minimises fine lines, improves skin barrier and boosts skin immunity.

Camellia Sinensis leaf extract: (Green Tea) A powerful antioxidant which improves skin health, fights aging and provides a healthy glow to the skin.

Salicylic acid: It’s a form of BHA which fights acne. It helps in reaching to the level of pores and helps to unclog them.

Zinc Oxide, Methoxydibenzoylmethane and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate: For sunprotection

Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream

Packaging: The combination of a tube and a pump on it always seemed odd to me. Nonetheless, the pump makes it much easier to control the amount of product that gets dispensed.

Texture: The cream is shiny-silvery in look and is thick in consistency. It has a medicinal fragrance which resembles tea tree oil. The cream blends easily into the skin and leaves no shiny layer on the skin.

Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream

My verdict on Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream:

My experience with drugstore-affordable creams is not that pleasant and that was the same reason I didn’t have high hopes for this product, but Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream did manage to impress me. I wouldn’t say this is the best cream out there but at the price that it comes for, you probably wouldn’t get a better option.

Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream
Thick consistency

This cream on its own is not much moisturizing. I layer it over my essence and serum (third step in skincare routine) and this seals in all their goodness with a matte finish. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It mattifies the face completely but doesn’t make it dry (when layered) which provides a great base for makeup as well. I don’t find the need to use a primer when I use this. Though the packaging says to use this twice, I wouldn’t recommend that because it has sun protection. Hence it is better to use this only during the daytime.

Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream
Post blending: Can you see the part where cream is applied?

Claims: It only claims for reducing pigmentation and making the skin clearer but due to the presence of niacinamide and salicylic acid, it will also fight acne. Skin pigmentation is something which takes time to lighten but this cream has only aided more in making my skin healthy (along with my entire skincare routine). I can’t say it will completely fade the marks and make your skin spotless because this process will take different time for different people.

I can recommend Citra Spot-less Fair Face Cream to everyone, even those with dry skin. My only advice would be to use this in conjunction with a serum or a hydrating essence to reap the full benefits. If you don’t mind parabens, then definitely try this product at least for once.

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    Honestly…it was so helpful for me reading ur experience on this Budget friendly product…. Ordered mine too… For hydrating skin

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