Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish review

Who doesn’t want a tan-free, even-toned skin? I really had no idea how to use this product because I have no blackheads or tan or any unwanted pigmentation going around my face but I did have it on my hands. And that’s when I got super excited to try this. Let’s talk about Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish and see how it works as per the claims.

Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish

Price: Rs.399 for 40g product.

Availability: (you can get a discount of 15% if you use the code: BHUMIKA1, valid until 15th October’17), also available at their online website here.

Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish

Packaging: It is a very small plastic bottle which can easily be traveled with. There is a cap which flips open and the product is dispensed from a little opening at the top. Nothing fancy!

Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish

Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish

Texture: It has a creamy texture which is thick in consistency. The fragrance is very mild and the cream has a hint of mint colour to it. A thin layer needs to be applied on the affected area and let it sit for 3 minutes after which it can be washed off with water. Even after keeping it for 3 minutes, the cream doesn’t dry at all. Though it says it is meant for oily to combination skinned people, those with dry skin can also use it with ease. While massaging, very fine granules can be felt which further help in exfoliation of the skin.

Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish

How I use Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish? For the first few times, I used it over my face like a regular mask but didn’t see any difference. Then it came to my notice that there is absolutely no tan on my face. Hence, I tried this on my hands (where there is tan accumulated for years) and with a consistent use of 3-4 times, I did see a visible difference. I know it’ll take time to completely get rid of the tan but I feel positive about it now.

Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish

My verdict on Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish:

I liked the polish to be honest. It is one of those few products which removes the tan/pigmentation without stripping off moisture from the skin! My skin never felt dry or had a stretchy feeling post application. If this works on my hands, it can definitely remove tan from face and other parts of body as well. Though, the time taken to remove tan will differ from person to person.

This also claims to remove clear blackheads and remove all the pollution trapped inside the skin. I can’t confirm about its efficacy on that part because I am not facing those problems. I am almost about to finish the tube and going to get another one for myself for tan removal! If you are willing to buy, don’t forget to use my code and get some discount!

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11 thoughts on “Estrella Intenso Lightening Polish review

  1. Thanks Bhumika for introducing this product.I need help with regular tanning that I suffer from.
    Will try to get my hands on it soon.
    Much Love~Akriti

  2. ruma says:

    very informative and honest review of both my skin is very dry ,will surely try intenso facial clencer and its pocket friendly too.

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