Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation | Review | Oily skin | Medium skintone

Some products take over the market as soon as they are launched! And trust me, it becomes next to impossible to not to try them. Such was the case with Nykaa Skingenius foundation. With all those awesome first impressions (which were portrayed in the form of reviews) I instantly fell for it and purchased right away. I’ve been using the foundation for more than a week now and I am ready to share my views on it.

Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation

My skin: I have oily dehydrated skin meaning, though it’s oily it feels dehydrated! I know it’s the weirdest combination. I also have dry patches around my mouth, few pigmentation scars due to acne and visible pores. Also, I have yellow undertones with some redness around nose and mouth area.

Coming to the product Nykaa SKINgenius foundation:

Price: Rs.575 for 30ml product.and has a shelf life of  29 months.

Availability: Nykaa exclusive.

Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation

Shades: Nykaa has launched 5 shades as of now.

01 & 02 will suit fair skintones (below NC40)

03 will cater to medium skintones (around NC40-42) ← My shade

04 & 05 will go with deeper skintones (NC44 and above)

Shade adapting ability:

It does adapt to your shade but surprisingly it doesn’t oxidize! I’ve tried this on my sister and it suited her as well. I don’t know how that works but I feel the sheer coverage makes that possible. (a random guess!)🙈

Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation
Look at that, the foundation is all over the opening

Packaging: It comes in a plastic sleek tube with a flat opening. The tube is pretty compact and lightweight which will fit easily into the purse. But at the same time, it becomes messier as well. The foundation smears all along the opening and a lot of it gets spilled into the cap as well. (pictures attached)

Texture: Nykaa SKINgenius foundation has a light, almost serum like, texture. It has a faint smell of chemicals, not bothersome for me though. The foundation blends in like a dream and almost gives like a second skin effect. It’s just like ‘my skin but better’.☺️

Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation
How messy the cap has become

Coverage: It gives a sheer coverage with one layer which can be built up to (a little less than) medium coverage with a couple layers. I usually prefer one layer as it cancels out all the redness and gives a fresh-even toned look, perfect for everyday office wear.

Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation
Ingredients list

Finish: True to its claims, it is quite hydrating. It doesn’t cling onto OR accentuate the dry patches on my face. The initial finish is glowy which looks good for some time but then my face looks oilier rather than glowy. I’ve tried setting it with different powders but the oiliness can’t be controlled. Also, the heavier the compact, the cakier the finish.🙄

Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation

Staying power: Like I said, the foundation stays for around 2-3 hours on me after which it (compulsorily) needs to be powdered again to remove the excess oil on my face. Also, it starts slipping when touched and gets removed easily around the mouth and nose area. (not flattering!)😏

My verdict on Nykaa SKINgenius foundation:

Clearly, this foundation is not meant for oily or combination skinned people. There is a difference between being glowy and being oily and I felt oily after using this. I so wanted to like this but just couldn’t like how this looks on me after 2 hours. My face shines like a disco ball, and the more I try to set it with a powder the cakier it looks in the long run. It’s perfect for short time wear, I have used this during my sister’s engagement and loved it. (the function lasted 2 and a half hours).

Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation

Don’t get me wrong but I can’t recommend Nykaa SKINgenius foundation to oily skinned people (especially during humid-hot weather). I wasn’t ready to make up my thoughts on this as everyone seemed to be loving this. I didn’t want to be the ONLY one not satisfied with this! But at the same time, I couldn’t lie either.🤷🏻‍♀️

Dry and normal skinned people will surely love this! Oily skinned will love this but for initial 2 hours of application only. Anyway, this might be a nice option for winters. What are your experiences with Nykaa SKINgenius foundation? Do let me know!

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18 thoughts on “Nykaa SKINgenius Foundation | Review | Oily skin | Medium skintone

  1. Thank you so much for the honest review! I was sceptical that it won’t be suitable for my oily skin. You have confirmed my doubts. Thanks for saving my money! I hope Nykaa brings out a matte formula too.

  2. Swati says:

    I was waiting since yest for the review.. I was so impatient that I even thought of placing an order but good I didn’t. I have a combination skin so I think this won’t work for me 😐

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have similar opinion on this.Altough on me,it starting getting oily after 4-5 hours.
    Amazing review

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