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Hello, Lovelies! I am probably the last person on this planet to review Mamaearth products. But I’ve used them to an extent that I can easily and satisfactorily point out their pros and cons. I was super excited when I was introduced to this brand and did my research before even receiving the products. Today I’ll be reviewing their bodywash and body lotion. There is also a face mask which I’ll be reviewing in a separate post after testing it a little bit more.


About the brand Mamaearth:

Mamaearth is a brand, by a parent, for the parent. They are the only MadeSafe certified brand in Asia! Meaning the ingredients in their products are entirely eco-friendly, free of  toxins, dyes and fragrances and are safe for a mother as well as the child. All of their products are clinically tested to be hypoallergenic as well. Everything in detail has been specified on their website. Click here to know more!

There are many ingredients which penetrate so deep into our body that their traces can be found in a mother’s milk! Hence, especially for new moms and babies, Mamaearth is a perfect choice. Also, their products are not strictly just for moms and babies, anyone can use them! You’ll really enjoy their quality and fragrance, just like I did.


Products I’ll be talking about: Mamaearth Nourishing Body Lotion & Calming Body Wash

Price: Both retail for 349Rs. and we get 200ml product.

Packaging: They have similar packaging. These come is opaque white bottles and have double caps. There is one outer white coloured cap and an inner transparent cap. This way, the packaging becomes spill proof and travel-friendly. (I have removed the inner cap because I am not going to carry these anywhere and it becomes very painful to remove both caps every time.)


Ingredients: These are made of completely safe, toxin free,  ingredients. There is presence of Secret Mama’s love oil in all of their products. Frankly, I am not fond of secret ingredients because they may contain something which might create an allurgic reaction to my skin. But Mamaearth has also shared the ingredients in their secret oil.  You can find the details here.

Mamaearth Calming body wash:

Consistency: Transparent gel like, on the runnier side

True to its name, the body wash is indeed calming. It has a strong fragrance which lingers during the entire bath. The body wash doesn’t lather like crazy but it lathers enough to make the skin clean. It has a transparent gel like consistency which is on the runnier side.

Mamaearth Nourishing body lotion:

Consistency: The Body Lotion has a thick cream like texture.
Initial white layer before blending
Completely blended body lotion. No greasiness post blending.

The body lotion has a thick cream like texture. It takes a while to blend because the lotion has an initial white cast which disappears when blended for few more seconds. The lotion gets absorbed completely into the skin and moisturizes well. Even dry skinned people will love this. The fragrance is very calming and soothing but it doesn’t linger for long. My body skin stays hydrated for the entire day.

The only con I found is the packaging. The pump is so hard and it squirts very little product. Hence, several pumps are needed for one just time use (approx 15 pumps of lotion to cover both hands). My fingers literally pain a lot after using this. This problem is for both the body wash and the body lotion.

All in all, I loved these products. When both of these are used in conjunction, the fragrance lingers for a little more while. With such safe ingredients, I can easily use these on sensitive areas like the chest area as well. I would recommend this brand to everyone & not just mommies and babies. They also have an entire range meant for babies! That is so cool. Their eye cream is on my wishlist next!

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40 thoughts on “Bodycare routine ft. Mamaearth | Review post

    • Bhumika says:

      Same here!!! These were sent to me by the brand but will def repurchase them because they are literally harmless 🤗

  1. Joshita JJ says:

    Well reviewed. I agree with the pump packaging. Have faced the same with few products. Will try this soon…

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