The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash review

Tea tree oil is very beneficial for acne and while my skin was having a bad time (all thanks to Innisfree sleeping mask) I needed products with tea tree oil. All thanks to my li’l sis who gifted me The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash at the perfect time. I’ve been using this facial wash for more than a month and now I am ready to do an in-depth review of it. Read on to find out more..

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash

Price: It retails for Rs.695 and we get 250ml product and needs to be finished in 12 months of opening the bottle.


  • Dark green coloured plastic bottle.
  • Black cap which shuts tightly.
  • Little opening which controls the amount of product dispensed.
  • See through packaging makes it easy to track the amount of the product left.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash

Texture: The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash has a mild green coloured oil like consistency. It smells exactly like tea tree oil. It doesn’t lather much and gives a cooling sensation post wash, despite the presence of SLS. (Thanks to menthol in the ingredients list).

Efficacy: I have been using it since the time my skin was very sensitive due to sudden acne burst. It really helped in soothing my skin and clearing out the acne. Also, it doesn’t dry out the skin post watch, which is a great plus point.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash

Skin benefits of Tea Tree oil:

  • skin soothing properties
  • antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory
  • treats acne as it penetrates deep into the pores and cleans them

True to its claims, it does clear up the skin of acne and makes it soft, smooth and even.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash

My verdict on The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash:

I am very happy with my Sis’ choice. I have been using this, every single night, for more than a month and my skin is loving it absolutely. It dried up my acne but not my skin. Hardly a coin sized amount is required each time, hence this huge bottle is going to last me for 3 months, minimum. This cannot be used solely to remove makeup but can surely be incorporated into double cleansing routine. It cleanses the face quite well and removes traces of makeup if any. I don’t use it on my eyes as I think it might be harsh for them. Also, it is paraben free!

Who can give this a try? People with oily-acne prone skin should definitely give this a try! It does help in reducing acne and later prevent it too.

I am not sure whether I will be repurchasing this or not to be honest because~

  1. it is going to take long to finish
  2. I am highly intrigued by their Aloe range hence would pick up the aloe facial wash next time

Do let me know which is your favourite face wash at present. I hope you liked my post and if you did, do hit the follow button. Show some love to my blog lovelies.

Until next time, stay beautiful & keep smiling!


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28 thoughts on “The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash review

  1. Anita Singh says:

    Mujhy to nahi, bitiya ko pimples thy, per TBS ke tea tree oil ki wajah se uski skin ekdum clear ho gai hain 👌👌
    TBS k sabhi products 100% result dety hain 😊
    Thanks for amazing post 👍👍

    • Bhumika says:

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog!! Tea tree oil bohot achha ingredient hai pimples mitane ke liye. 🙂

  2. TheBodyShop’s tea tree oil range hasn’t been a favourite since years for namesake. Although I have to admit the tea tree oil from them is bit irritating on my skin..

    • Bhumika says:

      See! This is how different products work differently on different skins! I too have very sensitive skin but this hasn’t broken me out so far. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

  3. Papri Ganguly says:

    As I have oil and sensitive prone skin, I love adding tea tree oil in my beauty routine. Will get this in my next haul from TBS.

  4. I have used this when I went to mommyland. My SIL had this. And it is actually good as said. She liked it too. But yes it lasts for longgggg and obviously post that you would want to try something new 😛

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