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This a huge trend at present. It was started by the famous YouTuberΒ Kimberly ClarkΒ and recently Shreya Jain and Jovita George also filmed a video on this and I loved it so much that I knew I had to make a post on Anti haul products. Basically, Anti haul means products which I need not buy because 1. I don’t need them 2. I already have products similar to these 3. Saving some money. Anti haul doesn’t mean that I hate these products or I am never going to use them in future!! I might purchase them later in my life or win them in a giveaway 😜 or get some free samples as well! 😝 So, in no particular order, let me share few of these:

1. Nykaa Paintstix and Pout perfect lip crayons

Anti haul
Pic 1
Anti haul
Pic 2

I have already emptied my pockets on innumerous lipsticks last month. Also, these lipsticks didn’t appeal much to me, as the shade range is basic which can easily be found in other brands. I might try these in future when I run out of all my current lipsticks but, for now, I am in no way going to spend money on these.

2. Maybelline New York V Face Studio contouring range

Anti haul
Pic 3

This particular shade range is not meant for Indian deeper skintones. The contour & blusher shades won’t even show on my skin. After having read all reviews online, I have come to the conclusion that even if I skip these, I won’t regret at all.

3. Colorbar feel the rain collection

Antu haul
Pic 4

With beautiful packaging which gives the feeling of rain, this range has lipsticks, blushers, nail paints, glitters and eyeshadows. I visited the Colorbar store myself to buy few items but I was not at all impressed by the shade range. Almost all shades were already present in the earlier Colorbar lipstick shades. I skipped this and my pocket thanked me enough! But still, I am highly smitten by the packaging though!

4. The body shop matte lipstick

Anti haul
Pic 5

I am already in love with their liquid lips but The Body Shop immediately brought their matte lipstick collection as well. Had these been launched a little later, I would have bought these for sure. But I didn’t want to buy lipsticks again and again from the same brand hence decided to skip these.

5. Bobbi BrownΒ Art stick liquid lip

Anti haul
Pic 6

I was in love with these as soon as Bobbi Brown store opened in Pune! But after having read ‘not so good’ reviews about these and looking at the hefty price tag of 2600Rs, I decided to skip these. But that doesn’t stop me from admiring these! I might buy one of these in distant future though, but definitely not now!

6. OPI nail lacquers

Anti haul
Pic 7

I already have more than 50 nail paints in my collection. I prefer buying affordable nail paints because they tend to dry fast and I tend to get bored of the same shade pretty easily! The costliest nail paint I have till date is the Inglot one! I am never shedding that much money again. The quality of OPI is undoubtedly the best but still, I am skipping these!

7. The Ordinary Hyaluronic acid

Anti haul
Pic 8

Don’t get me wrong here, I am already in love with this brand. I have 3 products from them and using them at present. That is the reason I don’t feel like getting a similar product again. I’ll purchase this in future once I finish my current products but that is going to take very long. Hence, for now, I’ll skip this one!

8. Face cleansing brushes

Anti haul
Pic 9
Anti haul
Pic 10

These facial cleansers are available anywhere from 1500Rs. to 8000Rs. range. Though these are very efficient at removing dirt and grime from the face, I feel these are absolutely unnecessary. They are high maintenance, need charging frequently and are expensive. My Forever 21 silicon cleanser does a similar job and is way cheaper (around 150Rs.). I am not going to buy these brushes, not even in future!

9. Veet sensitive touch electric trimmer

Anti haul
Pic 11

I never got the point of this! I use my hair plucker and face razor to keep my brows in shape. And if my eyebrows go totally out my hands, I visit the parlour. I don’t need an entire device which doesn’t even give half the finish of my plucker and razor. No, I am not buying this as I don’t need this. My pocket thanked me again!

10. Kama Ayurveda rose water

Anti haul
Pic 12

Many people are not going to like me for placing this bestseller on this list. πŸ™ˆ But yes, for me, a rose water this expensive is totally unnecessary! First of all, water based mists are not hydrating enough, also their effect is absolutely temporary. I’d prefer aloe based mists which provide more benefits than this. I’ve not used a single bottle till date and might never even purchase one! πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ (That doesn’t mean I dislike this product! No.)

So, these were my Anti haul products. Some of these are unnecessary for me while IΒ might purchase others in distant future. I am not here to spread hatred towards any product or brand, so don’t think that way. Some of the products in the list might be your favourites and some of my favourites might be on your Anti haul list!

Are there any products on your Anti haul list?? Do comment below as I’d love to know.

Until next time, stay beautiful & keep smiling!


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29 thoughts on “Anti haul | Products I am not buying

    • Bhumika says:

      I will consider it some time in future!! But not now. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ Thanks for stopping by dear. 😘

  1. Aarti says:

    This is a unique post!! Almost all expect the rose water would be in my anti haul list too!!! Simply because they are damn expensive.

    • Bhumika says:

      Me too!! In June, I’ve shopped to an extent that the products will last upto 3 generations. 😜😜

  2. Shanaya says:

    Even I have a long product list which i am not going to buy because I want to save some money!!! Nice product list. Most of these are unnecessary products for me as well. 😜

  3. I have similar feeling for most of the products here. I think may be all as I don’t own any of them and neither am I intrigued to buy them 😐 😐
    Great list.

  4. Omg!Bhumika..we are so similar with respect to so many products.-Kama Ayurveda Rose Water,Nykaa Lipsticks,Cokorbar new range.
    In dat Maybelline range I have duo stick and although I hate the contour side,I love how the highlight side looks on me.Maybe bcoz I am not a fan of Blinding highlights.
    I already have a cleansing brush and I like using it when I have shit tonne of makeup.Lol

    Great post.

    • Bhumika says:

      Hahah. Even I use my forever 21 silicon cleanser only when I have heavy makeup on!! Lazy us!! πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  5. I completely agree with the rose water. But still, I wanna try and see because people swear by it. The lipsticks which you have listed here is for sure the ones which even i don’t wanna try

    • Bhumika says:

      Now that you have mentioned, I sometimes get intrigued by the rose water but I never got the courage to pick it up because of the price!! 😜

  6. My Anti-Haul has a bunch of lipsticks too. I think companies realize that lipsticks are the one thing people would purchase mindlessly so they keep coming out with new collections. Lol. At least that is true for me.

    • Bhumika says:

      Exactly!! One launch at a time is also okay but multiple!! No no. I’d rather skip or my pocket will curse me. 😜😜

  7. I already have nykaa lip crayon in the shade next level nude and it’s really good for everyday wear. I’ve been wanting to try kama rose water for a very long time now just because of the hype surrounding it but somehow I never end up buying it πŸ˜› I’m also eyeing some opi nail paints but the price tag puts me off, though I’m not sure I might purchase it in future πŸ˜›
    aditi@serenesparkle recently posted…Tvam Olive Under Eye Cream ReviewMy Profile

    • Bhumika says:

      Lol! the main culprit is the price tag. Had it not been money, I might have purchased all the stuff myself. πŸ˜‰

  8. Loved your anti haul post! I have similar feelings for OPI nail paints. I was looking to buy that rose water by Kamaayurveda, will definitely gonna give it a try bcz of the hype offcourse.

  9. Great post hon πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    I have similar thoughts on most of the product but I really feel like buying a facial cleanser brush (cheaper one) and definitely a face epilator πŸ˜› πŸ˜› (my pocket already started crying )

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