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I am obsessed with lipsticks these days! I am back into the sphere where I see a lipstick and I buy it. So be prepared to see many lipsticks reviews in near future. Today I am going to be talking about the latest launch Loreal Paris Rouge Magique lipstick in the shade 904 Divine Mocha. (You already know by now that I am so deep down in love with browns and nudes).

Loreal Paris Rouge Magique

Price: The lipstick retails for Rs.650. It contains 3.9g product and has a shelf life of 36 months. However it needs to be finished in 24 months once opened.

Shade: The range comes in 12 shades. I got Divine Mocha. This is a perfect brown shade (unlike the Loreal Infallible Forever Frappe which has slight hints of red in it).

Loreal Paris Rouge Magique
Packaging: It comes in a black matte case with a shiny pink cap. The cap needs to be adjusted with the notch in the base to shut properly. I don’t like this, I should be able to close my lipstick even with closed eyes! 🙈 Apart from the shiny, extremely eye catchy pink cap, the packaging is conventional. (I mean no magnetic closing like stuff).

Loreal Paris Rouge Magique
Texture: The lipstick has a powder matte finish. It applies easily and has no sheen to it. Also, the colour payoff is excellent. It provides full coverage for any kind of pigmented lips. 💋

Loreal Paris Rouge Magique
Sadly, this has a strange weird smell (I missed the sweet vanilla scent that most lipsticks tend to have). The fragrance is not bothersome.

Wear test: This lipstick is not entirely transfer-proof but at the same time this doesn’t transfer like crazy. It is somewhere in between. This particular shade stayed on me for about 8 hours with a full lunch and 2litres of water in between. It doesn’t fade as such but it tends to dry down more with time, because of which it starts crumbling from the inner side (this too happens only after 5-6 hours).

Loreal Paris Rouge Magique
The Verdict:

I am loving the shade. This feels comfortable, gives a powdery matte effect and is long lasting which makes it perfect for office wear. I am the kind of person who licks her lips every 5-10 seconds. So if this stayed for around 8 hours on me, then this will definitely last longer on you. I absolutely love matte lipsticks with comfortable formula.

Loreal Paris Rouge Magique
I love the shade, texture, staying power and the fact that it comes at a decent (neither cheap nor expensive) price tag. But, I will not be picking up more shades from this range as I can easily find them in one or the other brand. That’s it for today’s post. Which is your favourite shade these days? I am totally into muted reds.

Until next time, stay beautiful & keep smiling!


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    • Bhumika says:

      If you love browns, like me, then you are definitely going to like this. Thanks for stopping by dear. 🙂

    • Bhumika says:

      Wow! I am yet to own a fuschia shade.. Let me know if you find one Anamika.. Thanks for stopping by.. 🙂

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