Aaranyaa Hair pack-argan oil review

When I say good conditioners are very difficult to find, most of you will relate to me. I know because the best of best brands put silicone and all not so good stuff in them! No matter how organic or high-end luxurious brand it might be, there are rarely few conditioners which actually work! In my recent collaboration with Glamrada and Aaranyaa, I was sent a hair pack to try. I had no expectations because of my lifelong experience with conditioners and hair packs but this baby took me by surprise. Let’s jump into the review and unfold the reasons for my love for Aaranyaa Hair pack.

Aaranyaa hair pack

Price: β‚Ή445 for 250gm. It has a shelf life of 36 months but the product needs to be finished in 12 months after opening the jar.

Packaging: The hair pack comes in a white plastic jar-tub like packaging with a sturdy cap. There is no inner lid hence if the jar goes upside down, the product transfers to the inner lid. But still, the packaging is spill proof and the jar actually makes it super convenient to scoop out the mask for application.

Aaranyaa hair pack

Texture: It has a little thick creamy texture with a sweet smell. I quite like the fragrance and it lingers on even on the next day of hairwash..

Ingredients: It has all good ingredients (I could easily pronounce their names and they didn’t seem complex chemical compounds to me). It has the goodness of argan oil, niacinamide (my most favourite ingredient of all times), extracts of amla, bhringraj, shikakai, green tea and vitamin E.

Aaranyaa hair pack

Application: As per the instructions, this pack needs to be applied post shampoo on both scalp and hair. It needs to be massaged and kept on for 15 minutes so that all goodness can be soaked in and hair become more nourished. But I keep it for about 5 minutes because, frankly speaking, I don’t have 15 minutes for a hair pack in the morning!

Aaranyaa hair pack

The verdict:

I think I’ve found my perfect conditioner (I call it so because it works as one). Yes! I’ve been using this for almost two weeks now & have already replaced my Enliven conditioner with this one. This pack is very nourishing, you can actually feel your hair softer while rinsing. With the first wash itself, my hair was significantly smoother and frizz free. This is the first conditioner which made my hair bouncy (they actually came back to their place after flying all over in wind) and silkier at the same time. And the best thing, this can be applied on the scalp too! A healthier scalp means healthy hair.

This is one of the few rare cases when I actually recommend a product. Yes! This is a must try for anyone and everyone. This makes your hair healthy, shiny, bouncy and silky, plus you can slather this without any worries as it contains all good ingredients. And! It;s super affordable too.

Let me know your favourite hair packs/conditioners at the moment. Also, if you decide to go for this hair pack, I’d love to know your experiences, so do share them in the comments below.

Until next time, stay beautiful & keep smiling!


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