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Today, for the first time, I am going to review a bathing bar. I have been using Pears soap for the longest time now (more than 8years I guess 🤔) because my skin is dry and super-sensitive. It reacts to almost every other soap and body lotion that I try. So I can’t really experiment much in these areas. But, when I came across this beautiful adorable packaged soap, I couldn’t resist myself in buying it. There was a ‘save ₹ 10’ tag which only added fuel to fire. 😜. Let’s quickly jump into the review:

Price: ₹182 for 3 bathing bars of 100g each (I don’t know what are these individually priced at).

Packaging: Though all dove soaps are packed in a similar packaging, what caught my eye is the pink colour. It looked so beautiful that I instantly fell for it.

The soap: It is a lovely pastel pink coloured soap with Dove symbol carved on it. I loooove the colour. 😍 The fragrance is also very much acceptable, a little sweet though, and not overpowering.

I was under the impression that cream soaps tend to get over soon because they dissolve fast. But this is not the case with this one. It seemed from the packaging that the size is little so I was expecting it to get finished within a couple of weeks, but I guess I was wrong. I have been using this for more than 10 days now and its size has reduced very slightly.


The only claim it makes is ‘it cares for your skin and doesn’t dry it out; leaves it soft and smooth’ which it absolutely fulfills. 🤗

**The packaging also mentiones Dove is not a soap. It’s a beauty bar. I completely agree with this!👍🏻**

The verdict: I am so glad about my decision to try out a new soap! ☺️ I love the way it feels, I love the way it smells and I love the way it leaves my skin so smooth.😍 Unlike other soaps, it doesn’t lather. Hence, it doesn’t rip the moisture out of your skin. Post wash one might feel a slippery feeling but it is the smoothness that this soap has rendered on your skin. You can actually feel the cream when you rub the soap on your skin. My skin has not reacted at all, infact it has become smoother and there is no itchiness post bath. All in all, I am in absolute love with this variant of Dove beauty bar. 💕

Who can try this out?

  • People with dry/combination/mildly oily skin can use this throughout the year
  • People with very oily skin can use it during winters and monsoons
  • Even guys should try this out because their skin tends to become drier (lack of attention towards skincare).

Have you tried out any Dove soaps? Do share your feelings about it. Do let me know which soap is your current favourite at present?? 🤔

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    18 thoughts on “Dove pink/rosa beauty bathing bar review | Winter Series

    1. Shanaya Shetty says:

      Read your post! Nicely reviewed.👍🏻👍🏻 I’ve tried almost all variants. It’s nice that dove has come up with some colours as opposed to the only white soap.

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