Faces Ultime Pro Intense Kajal | Review and Demo

A very Happy New Year to everyone! So, this is my first post of 2017 and I am super excited about it. I have been doing Winter Series on my blog and mainly skincare products are included in it. So this time, I’m starting 2017 with a makeup product review and for the first time ever, I have included a look! (hence, the excitement!)😬

I had ordered Faces Kajal last month but it is until recently that I’ve started using it. Let’s jump directly into the review:

Price: INR 549.00 for 1.2g of product! Wait, is it mere 1.2g of product?😡 I just saw the quantity!. It’s way too expensive man! (sulks in a corner)😰

Packaging: It comes in a pencil form, which needs to be sharpened at one end, and a smudger at the other. The caps are transparent which makes it easier to know which side to un-cap. But the kajal is so soft that there are 100% chances of the product being ruptured by the cap.

Also, a sharpener comes free with the kajal pencil. I’ve not used it yet so can’t really comment on its efficacy. It is small and fuss free sharpener which can be easily stacked into the makeup drawers, also because of it’s smaller size it can be lost easily.

Texture and pigmentation: This is the smoothest and the darkest black kajal ever. The pencil is so soft, it glides on easily like a dream. One swipe and I get the dark black intense kohled eyes. The smudger is a perfectly hardened sponge which smudges out the kajal line seamlessly and gives perfect smoked out look.πŸ‘

Left swatch: One swipe & Right swatch: 2 swipes


One stroke application: True!

Waterproof: True for lashline but not for waterline.

Soft and creamy: Yes! Glides on like a dream.

Super longwear: True for lash-line.

Intense black finish: Again, true for lashline only.

The verdict: Basically, pigmentation-wise, it is the best black kajal that you can ever find. But, it is meant only for lash-line and not for waterline. For me it barely stayed, on my waterline, for a couple of hours before disappearing on its own. My eyes are not so watery that can make a kajal disappear this fast! I didn’t use this as a kajal after that. I used it for a soft smokey eye look which I created using only this pencil. As a liner, it stays for a very long time! I think all of its claims stand true if it is used as a liner.

Without flash

Under light

A little close-up

The biggest con is its price! (I am still overcoming the shock I received while writing down the price as against the quantity of the product) and its super low performance as a kajal (when used on waterline).

For me, this is a perfect liner!😘 (I didn’t like it as a kajal).😏

Have you used the Faces Ultime Pro Intense Gel Kajal? How are your feelings about it? Do share them in the comments below.

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