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Hello! World. 😘😘

Time flies so fast! While I am still figuring out how to start working on my 2016 resolutions (taken in late 2015), December has already descended! 😅 I think I should make fresh resolutions and start working on them instantly!🤔

I was happy with my Fab India Depigmentation cream but now as winters have (finally!) approached and my skin has been demanding a little more moisture and care, I decided to look out for a nourishing cream. As usual, I headed to Nykaa and this cream in particular caught my attention. I always do trial & error and end up buying a product which is completely new to me and luckily (well, most of the times!) my gamble favours me. So, diving into the review:

Price: Rs635 for 50g of product. It has a shelf life of 36 months.

Packaging: It comes in a heavy glass jar tub with a shiny golden cap. The packaging is not quite travel-friendly because of the weight of glass. Anyway, if you are comfortable carrying a heavy rock in your purse, then just go ahead. Also, because the tub being opaque, I can’t figure out how much of the cream is really left. (No big deal for me)

The main ingredient of this creme is a youth compound named GINEPLEX. It contains three highly potent natural ingredients:

Ginseng: Maintains elasticity, vitality and regeneration capacity of skin cells.

Zingiber officinale (Ginger): Removes age spots, hypopigmented scars and blemishes. Enhances glow of skin.

Milk peptide: Nourishes the skin from within and helps in production of collagen, making the skin firmer and improving its elasticity.

Texture: It is a white thick cream which glides on easily on the skin and instantly gives a soothing and moisturised feeling. I was really confused about the fragrance as I was unable to relate it to anything. But as I was typing the ingredient list, it instantly clicked to my mind that the scent faintly resembles milk and ginger! (Bingo! 😉 I finally recognised the scent) The cream does leave a shiny layer on the face post application but there is no greasy feel to it. I don’t mind it because mattifying my face is the least concern at night.


Claim check:

Visibly reduces appearance of fine lines, open pores and wrinkles by nourishing the skin overnight: The claims are true if I cut out the word overnight. This is no magic potion which makes you a flawless faced lady in just one night. I have seen the difference in my skin after having used it for 2 weeks. And I am expecting more from it as time passes by.😌

Fresh and visibly younger looking skin when you wake up: I don’t know about younger looking skin part yet but Yes! my skin does look fresh and glowy when I wake up.😍

Verdict: Very much true to its claims and an effective moisturiser. I am very much happy with the results that I have seen in just two weeks. 😬 I wake up everyday to a clear shine free face which earlier used to feel like an oil reserve in the morning. Literally! 😷 Also, as I have entered my late twenties, incorporating an anti ageing product seems like a wise decision. My skin is now softer, plumper and glowy. I am pretty much excited to finish the tub and analyse my skin then.

Who can try this out?

Both dry as well as oily skinned beauties (as it is meant for all skin types)

People looking for a nice moisturiser for night time

Mature skin looking for anti ageing products

Those having dull skin

Whatever your age might be & irrespective of your skin type, I highly recommend you to find a night cream as per your needs and incorporate it in your night care routine. It will make a difference (for sure!). And yes, you can always thank me later! 🤗 Which is your favourite night cream at present? Do let me know..

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  1. Kinjal says:

    Your last year’s resolutions, RIP!! 😜😜😜😜
    I have just started using this cream 2 days back. I feel glad about my purchase after reading your review. 😇

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