Oriflame Tender Care Rose Protecting Balm review

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I’ve been extremely busy these days, blame my work! 😐 But still, taking out time for things we love is passion. Right? So today’s review is going to be about Oriflame Protecting balm. There is also another variant which is the basic one.

Coming to the product:

Price: ₹279 for 15ml of product (but I got this for around ₹200!).

Shelf life: 36 months

Packaging: I don’t know whether to admire the packaging OR sit and complain about how inconvenient it is to actually use the product! The bright pink tub with golden print looks so attractive but that’s it. Once you open the cap, you realize how difficult it might become to take the balm out. First of all, the opening is so narrow that you can dip your one finger almost vertically! And even if you have slightly long nails, you will end up filling them with the balm. Gross! 😐

Texture: This balm has a little waxy texture which glides on the lips easily. It is smooth and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky post application. There is no pigmentation whatsoever.

The verdict: I’ve been using this Balm for a couple of weeks now. I’ve not seen major difference in my lips. This balm is not very moisturising and doesn’t help in healing my chapped lips. Also, it hardly stays for two hours, so you need to keep reapplying every single time. It is an okay product to use during the days when you just need a lipbalm (when your lips are in their best of condition). But when you need healing powers, this product is a disappointment. Also, because the tub is narrow and deep, I always have to dig out the product with a Q-tip (hygiene issues!).

Will I recommend this? Yes but only when you have short nails and when you’re not expecting healing powers from your lip balm.

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