Lakme Blush & Glow facewash review

So, this product was picked up by my husband during one of our trips to supermarket. Now that we’ve used it for more than a week, I think I can give my comments about the product.

Blush & Glow is a new launch by Lakme. There are two variants available: peach and strawberry. I got the peach variant.

Price: 175β‚Ή for 100ml of product

Packaging: It has a regular tube packaging with a flip cap. The tube is semi transparent and the face wash along with bubbles can be seen through it. The cap shuts tight which makes the packaging travel friendly and spill proof.

Texture: The face wash is an orange coloured liquid which is not very runny. The consistency lies somewhere between gel and liquid. There are very small beads in the face wash, which help in very little exfoliation. The face wash has a fruity scent to it which doesnot linger for long.

The verdict: Like already said, my husband along with me have used the face wash for more than a week now. My husband liked it as his only expectation from a face wash is to get a clean face! That’s it. 😜 But I had many expectations because Lakme claimed that this range has fruit extracts. But apart from the fruity smell, I couldn’t actually relate anything fruity with it. I’ve used it daily at night after removing my makeup and, I must say, it cleanses well and leaves my face squeaky clean. It leaves my skin a little stretchy post wash, but a moisturizer solves the problem. I am yet to see any blush~glow effect.

In all, it is a good face wash for daily use. If you expect nothing apart from a clean face (just like my husband!) 😜 then you won’t be disappointed.

Have you tried this range yet? Let me know how it fared for you.

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0 thoughts on “Lakme Blush & Glow facewash review

  1. Seems like an average product.
    Good that your husband at least uses a face wash. Mine is happy with a soap 😐 😐 He doesn’t like the slimy feeling that the apparently the face wash gives.

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