Coloréssence Intense Long Wear Lip Colour

Initially I purchased this just because of the packaging! It looks so classy plus black is the new ultimate Class! Do you agree with me?? 😉 Also, I never owned a coloréssence lippie before, so I thought why not! Read on more to find out whether I am happy with my purchase or mad at myself for buying this.

Coloressence is the color cosmetics brand of Nature’s Essence. All products of makeup in various ranges and packagings are available under the brand. The pigments being used are of top quality, exclusively being imported from Germany.

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Coming to the product:

Price: INR450 for 2.5g of product.

Shelf life: 36 months

Shade: LW-6 Forever For Love

I thought it was a nude shade when swatched on my wrist but after applying on my lips it came out as a dark pinkish-brownish shade.

Packaging: Like I mentioned before, it has a classy packaging. Simple yet elegant! It’s matte black with a shiny ring in the middle. The cap fits tight and there is no chance of it becoming loose. The material is sturdy and won’t break or crack when it hits the floor (oops!).

Texture: The texture is little on the drier side. No! I didn’t mean that it dries out your lips. What I mean is, the lipstick is not creamy. It doesn’t glide on your lips like other lipsticks. You’ll have to rub (yes, rub!) the product inorder to apply. But it comes out as an even application and doesn’t appear patchy or uneven, but is definitely difficult to apply.

Staying power: The staying power is not very impressive. It stays put for 2-3 hours after which it starts fading from inner lips which gives an uneven look.

The verdict
: I have mixed feelings for this lipstick. I like the shade and pigmentation but at the same time it is not that easy to apply. The staying power is okay but it looks pretty on lips till the time it is there. 😜

Will I repurchase
? Ummm No! I won’t even go for other shades from this range.

Let me know whether you have used Coloréssence lipsticks??

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