Clean & Clear natural bright facewash review

Hello my dear sweethearts! Today I am going to review a variant of the product which almost every oily skinned person loves. Clean & Clear is just like a staple brand of India, every house has at least one of its product. Also, the some of their products are extremely helpful for oily skin and this is the only reason that every new product of their’s is welcomed with high expectations.

So, as soon as I saw this new coloured face wash on one of the Reliance Marts, I quickly picked it up. This variant is new (to me) & hence I am super excited to share its review.

Coming to the product:

Price: INR 110 for 100 ml of product.

Shelf life: 24 months

Variant: contains rosewater and honey.

It is super affordable and the packaging is travel friendly too!

As per the packaging:

  • Rose water helps wash away dullness causing impurities.
  • Natural honey and Glycerin help nourish your skin.

Texture: The very first thing that attracted me was the pretty pink colour of the face wash. It’s so lively!! 🤗 Initially, it seems that it contains micro granules but upon deeper look the bubbles are distinguished. The consistency of the face wash is neither too runny nor too creamy, it is somewhere in between. Also, it has a mild fragrance which resembles faintly of roses.

The verdict: It is just like other variants of Clean & Clear face washes. It makes your face clean and doesn’t leave that dry feeling. Also, as per it claims, it doesn’t clog pores and hasn’t broken me out so far. I use it mostly at night after removing my makeup. I am not sure about the brightening part but then it is not my concern either.

Overall, I am happy with the face wash and would recommend it to everyone (even sensitive skinned people) for daily use.

Have you tried the face wash yet? Let me know your feedback in the comments below.

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P.S. I’ve stuck to my time-table and this is my first post as per the schedule! Yaay!!

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