Colorbar-Take Me As I Am Lipcolor (Dragging Rust 018)

This is my first lip crayon and I am so glad to own it! Actually, I was looking for another shade when my husband brought the tester and asked me to try. I had never tried an orange shade before so I instantly denied but he pursued to an extent that I had to try the shade and Lo! I was so impressed that I ended up buying it. 💄

Coming to the product:

Price: around INR 900

You get a sharpener free along with the crayon. I’ve not used the sharper yet, so can’t really comment on it.

The lip crayon has a wooden surrounding which gives it a classy feeling. Though the sharpening of the crayon will cause wastage of the product, but still, for me the wooden crayons will always be the first preference.

As seen in the pictures, I’ve already used it enough to blunt out the edge. A couple of swipes more and the wooden part might start to hurt.

Texture: It has a creamy texture which is not going to dry out your lips. But I would recommend a lip balm beneath otherwise it will accentuate the lines and might not settle down properly, giving a feeling of an uneven application.

Pigmentation: Good enough to cover pigmented lips.

Staying power: The staying power is not super long. It stays for about 3 hours, provided you don’t drink or eat! It gets easily transferred and starts fading evenly after sometime.

Will appear brick-orangish on deep skin (My case)


Will appear reddish on lighter skin

The verdict: It is a lovely brick reddish-orangish shade. It gives a nice colour to my otherwise pigmented lips. It comes off as a dark brick-orange colour on my lips and is completely suitable for daily office wear.

Will I recommend? Absolutely yes! for the colour and the wooden feeling.


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