Sunscreen for oily skin!!

I had almost given into the feeling that sunscreens are NOT meant for oily skinned people. Because after using sunscreens from almost every brand, I had developed a hate & hate relationship with them. Their texture was thick, felt greasier when applied and always tend to break me out. So instead of applying a sunscreen, I would wrap my face with a scarf whenever I used to travel in sun. I know I was completely wrong but I was left with no choice whatsoever.

One fine day while randomly searching the shelves for a new product in a supermarket, my eyes fell on Lotus UV screen matte gel and the words MATTE & GEL attracted me in the first place. I was a little skeptical while buying this product and didn’t have many expectations in the first place.

The very same day, in another beauty shop I found another sunscreen with similar texture type, this time it was Aroma Magic aloe vera sunscreen gel. I was on cloud nine because I was in possession of not one but two-two sunscreens, a fact which I had given up on long back. And now, as I have been using these for quite sometime, let’s discuss them in detail.

I shall be reviewing both the products side by side because of their similarity in many aspects.


Aroma Magic aloe vera sunscreen gel-INR285 for 100ml

Lotus UV screen-INR395 for 100gm

Texture: Aroma Magic has a transparent gel texture with a citric fragrance while Lotus UV screen has a creamish gel texture and a pleasant floral scent. Both of these get absorbed completely in to the skin and donot leave any sheen post application, providing a nice base to apply makeup on.

Packaging: Their packaging is similar, having a tube packaging which is travel friendly and are spill proof.

The verdict: I would recommend Lotus UV screen for summers and Aroma magic aloe vera sunscreen gel for winters for two reasons.

1.Lotus UV screen has an SPF of 50 while Aroma Magic aloe vera sunscreen gel has an SPF of 20. And it’s common sense that we need higher SPF during summers.

2. Lotus UV screen mattifies instantly while Aroma Magic aloe vera sunscreen gel takes sometime and also provides a little extra moisture which is not necessary in summers.

Sunscreen is must, irrespective of season or your skin type as it protects your skin from harmful rays of the sun, prevents tanning & further reduces aging up to some extent. And now that there are options available, why not choose one and use it daily. It’s for your own good, right!

Currently, I am using Lotus UV Screen on a daily basis and have saved The Aroma Magic aloe vera gel for winters.

Have you incorporated the use of a sunscreen in your skincare regime yet? Let me know which sunscreen is your holy grail in the comments.


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8 thoughts on “Sunscreen for oily skin!!

  1. Nice post Tosom! It is nice that you thought of comparing the two, and both turned out good 🙂 Im also glad you found a sunscreen (sorry, two) that suits your oily skin because sunscreen is somthing we should never skip!

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