Makeup brushes- Splurge or stop the urge|BS-Mall kabuki brush set mini review

I never possessed a complete set of brushes. I had a few, but not the entire set. Since quite sometime I was wanting to buy them but at the same time, I didnot want to splurge on them. In market, there are many brands selling the sets for 3000Rs or individual brushes for 1000Rs. Frankly speaking, I don’t think spending a couple of thousand rupees on a makeup brush set is not worthy (it’s my personal opinion though). 

Let me give you an alternative to splurge and also not compromise on brush quality. Trust me, these are the best for the price that they come for. I know, even makeup brushes have been replaced by beauty blenders these days. But being a beauty maniac, I had to get at least one set!

Company: BS-Mall

Price: INR 1000 (for the black set, price keeps on varying along with the colours). The black ones are the cheapest btw!

You can buy these at

I won’t talk much and will let the pictures do that part.

The entire set of 10 brushes
One of the bigger Kabuki brushes
One of the smaller Kabuki brushes
Packaging: Each brush comes individually wrapped in a plastic bag as shown.
The brushes have very soft bristles and are extremely gentle on skin

The verdict: These brushes are awesome! Very gentle on skin and blend out everything that is put underneath them. I am so happy to invest in them. I can’t really say whether they are a dupe to other expensive brands because I never owned one but if you really wish to buy good brushes at a lower cost, get your hands on these without a doubt.

Result: ☺️☺️ (Extremely Happy!)

Let me know whether this review was helpful to you in the comments.

Until next time, stay beautiful and keep smiling!

-Tosom, xoxo ❤️

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