Cipla’s Saslic-Salicylic Acid foaming face wash

Acne is a word we all dread of. True! I only wish I could control it. But being an oily skinned person, there is no way I can get rid of it completely. In spite of taking extreme care, these acne keep appearing on my face. Aargh!! The only thing we can do is find out the cause and look for the right solution. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

The main cause of acne is blocking of pores on your skin. It is more common in oily skinned people because the pores get blocked with oil which then accumulates dirt which eventually results into acne. One can have acne on face, neck, nape or even at back. The only solution to keep acne at bay is to keep the pores clean and minimised.

I have sensitive skin which is oily in summers and combination during winters. I used to have atleast one pimple always on my face. It was so pathetic that one day the guy at the medical shop counter saw my face and suggested that I should use Saslic facewash. I felt ashamed and thankful at the same time. Immediately I bought it and since then have been using it religiously every single day.

Coming to the product:

Price: INR235 with a shelf life of 23 months

Texture: It comes in a transparent bottle and looks like plain water. It has a faint medicinal smell. No fancy stuff.

Composition: The key ingredient is Salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a miracle product to treat acne. I will quote its benifits below:

  • The main reason sal acid is used for acne is because it is a ‘keratolytic.’ This means it breaks down and exfoliates dead skin cells.  Sal acid is particularly good for the blocked pore (comedonal) type of acne because it penetrates the hair follicle and helps keep the pores from getting clogged.  Typically for acne, sal acid is used in 0.5 – 2% strengths.
  • To a much lesser degree then benzoyl peroxide, sal acid is also anti-inflammatory – meaning it minimizes the redness associated with acne breakouts. In addition, sal acid has some anti-bacterial effects, helping to reduce the number of acne causing bacteria on the skin.
  • Sal acid is great for gently but effectively reducing blocked pore type of acne.  It is also great for helping to lighten any discoloration or hyperpigmentation that result from the acne as it heals in ethnic skin.  Even sensitive skin can typically tolerate low concentrations of sal acid.  One way to reap the benefits of sal acid while minimizing the irritation is to use sal acid as a wash.



  1. Take two actuations and gently massage over face.
  2. Avoid areas surrounding eyes.
  3. Keep it for 20-30 seconds.
  4. Rinse off thouroughly.

I use it in the exact manner as indicated on the packaging. Usually I use it everyday. In the morning a mild facewash could do as all your face contains is night cream and oil (produced during the entire night). It does not irritate or dry the skin at all but at the same time cleanses well.

I have already finished 3-4 bottles and will keep repurchasing it my entire life (as my oily skin is not going to go anywhere). It has reduced my acne to almost minimal level. Apart from the period acne, nothing else breaks me out. My blemishes have reduced over a period of time and my face breathes freely now. Aah!

The Verdict: If you have oily skin, go ahead and purchase this facewash. It helps in curing acne and prevent them as well. There are a million products available in the market, which will eat your pocket out, that claim to cure acne. I myself have tried many but finally have stopped on this. As they say, not every expensive thing is good and vice versa. Let me know your experience about this product in the comments below.

Until next time, be beautiful and keep smiling! 🙂

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  1. Pooja says:

    After reading your review, I bought this and it worked! Within a week my pimples reduced to a great extent and my skin became clear! Looking forward to other reviews and recommendations!! Keep it up.

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