MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer

Today, we all live in a giffy. No one has the time to stand and think about ourselves. Prevention is indeed better than cure but who has the bloody TIME!! So, we have switched to finding cures as easy as hell and not time consuming. The same goes for me too! I am lazy as hell and busy as a bee. Never paid attention to my eyes. Kept them awake for long, didn’t give them proper moisturization, didn’t wear my glasses and didn’t take proper nutrition. The result: dark circles.

Thank god I realized in time and bought an under eye cream. But till the time my undereye cream works I needed a concealer to hide my dark circles. So I quickly googled some best concealers available in Indian market. To my surprise, the whole market was loaded with these. When I started to panic, my husband came to the rescue. He silently took me to the MAC store nearby and asked me to find my product there.

The lady at the counter asked me some questions and came out with this product. She brought two shades NC 44 and NW 35 and applied to my each under eye area. The former one looked dark so I went with the latter as it completely matched my skintone.

Now coming to the product:

MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer retails for INR1700 and has a shelf life of 3 years.

Packaging: It comes in a standard packaging with a transparent bottle and a sturdy opaque cap. It looks quite classy to me.

Texture: As the name suggests, it is a liquid concealer and provides moisture to the undereye area. But its consistency is extremely light. It’s so light that you wouldn’t feel that you’ve applied any product. At the same time the pigmentation power is quite good. A little dot is enough to conceal the entire eye area.

Application: If you are using a brush, take a dot size amount and apply in gentle strokes. If you are using your fingers, just dab the concealer in. Don’t try to massage! And post application, set it with a powder.

Staying power: It stayed for the entire day without creasing or budging (in hot and humid climate).

The Verdict: I am absolutely in love with this product! A bit expensive but the amount that comes will go a long long way. So it’s worth the price. Plus, who doesn’t want a MAC in their collection??

Until next time, be beautiful and smile!

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